What are Differences between Ammeter and Voltmeter

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between Ammeter and Voltmeter. Comparison and Difference.

Differences between Ammeter and Voltmeter

1. Ammeter is a low resistance instrument. Voltmeter is a high resistance instrument.

2. In ammeter, resistance is GS / (G + S). In voltmeter, resistance is G + R .

3. In ammeter, Shunt Resistance is (G lg) / (l - lg) and is very small. In voltmeter, series Resistance is (V / lg) - G and is very high.

4. Ammeter is always connected in series. Voltmeter is always connected in parallel.

5. Resistance of an ideal ammeter is zero. Resistance of an ideal voltmeter is infinity.

6. In the first one, Its resistance is less than that of the galvanometer. In the second one, its resistance is greater than that of the voltmeter.

7. It is not possible to decrease the range of the given ammeter. It is possible to decrease the range of the given voltmeter.


Difference between Voltmeter vs Ammeter

Ammeter vs Voltmeter

Differences between Voltmeter vs Ammeter

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