10 DIY Cat Toys

10 DIY Cat Toys

Cats enjoy playing. Playtime is an important part of your cat's day. They can play on a post, chase balls around the house, or play with garden toys. However, after a while, you'll get tired of running to the pet store for new toys every time your pet gets bored or destroys something you just bought. Additionally, making cat toys can be fun!

Do you feel crafty? What about some home-made cat entertainment? Making your own cat toys is a creative, low-cost way to keep your cat entertained—and they can often be much better than anything you can buy in a store!

Our team at MerrJep.com compiled a list of the top ten DIY cat toys available online that you can make at home.

Pom poms that don't need to be sewn

Materials for no-sew pom poms: string, fleece, and scissors.

Pom poms are extremely popular among cats. They adore chewable, pounceable, and soft toys. Don't give up if you want to give your cat a fun pom pom but don't know how to sew. These soft kitty pom poms can be made without needing to know how to sew. String, scissors, and a foot-long, two-inch-wide fleece are all you'll need. The best part is that you can complete this project in about ten minutes.

Catnip yarn balls made at home

A new take on the standard yarn ball. You can now make a yarn ball that won't unravel and has catnip added to it to keep your cat interested! These irresistible homemade cat toys can be made with just glue, catnip, yarn, and Styrofoam balls.

There is a reason that so many photographs feature cats chasing yarn. The fearsome hunters of your tabby's great-great-something grandparents are still alive and well in your cat. Your feline goes into full hunter mode whenever a ball of yarn breaks loose or rolls across the floor. Your cat might also think of snakes because of the yarn, which would explain why it wants to attack it.

Therefore, a ball of yarn is an excellent option if you're looking for a simple toy that will keep your feline companion occupied. Just keep in mind that once your cat has finished annihilating its "prey," you might end up with a lot of yarn.

Toilet paper roll chaser

Materials for a toilet paper roll chaser:

Optional: A roll of paper towels or toilet paper, hot glue, catnip or treats for cats, string or yarn, feathers, and catnip or treats for cats. Once the paper is removed, give them to your cat! Since cats enjoy shredding and chewing cardboard, you probably won't even need to change the roll. However, you can always stuff some catnip inside and fold the ends shut if you want to make it more difficult for your little tiger. You can also glue some colorful feathers to one end and a string to the other, and you're done! Your pet has a dangling toy that can be chased. For a larger toy, you can even use a roll of paper towels.

The fact that there are so many options with this toy is the best part. You could give your cat a rolling toy that they can chase across the floor rather than a dangly toy with strings. Break out a new roll and glue colorful pom poms onto it or cut some holes and stick in a few bendy straws when your cat gets sick of the feathers. Give your imagination a free rein!

Feather and string cat toy

For a craft that is more refined, try making felt feathers with bells attached for a cat toy. Even if your cat doesn't like them, they're pretty enough to use as decor! Give your cat a beautiful toy! Try attaching bells to some cool felt feathers. Play around with colors and a variety of eye-catching accessories that are fun and safe. It's probably not a cat if your cat doesn't like these kittens.

Cat wands

Materials for cat wands: scissors, a wooden dowel, fabric, twine, or hot glue.

Cats can keep themselves occupied for hours by chasing yarn balls or scratching to their hearts' content, but when you want to play with your furry friend, a wand toy is the best option.

Wrap a wooden dowel in twine and leave 10 to 12 inches of twine at the end to dangle to make a cat wand. Attach the twine to the dowel at both ends with glue. The fun part begins now. Choose some items to hang from the wand's tip: feathers, texture scraps, chimes, or other bright things. You are now prepared for playtime by gluing or tying them to the end of the twine. Hang the toy before your shaggy companion and watch them go off the deep end.

Toy for hiding and finding in cardboard

Have a box made of cardboard and scissors? Then you have everything you need to make one of the most affordable and entertaining cat toys available. This cardboard hide-and-seek toy, as Mochi the Cute Fluff demonstrates on Instagram, will keep your cat occupied for a significant amount of time.

Scratching post

Scratching posts are an extraordinary way for your kitty to keep their hooks sound. But if you have a cat who likes to scratch, you might have to change their scratcher more often than you want to. A Do-It-Yourself scratching post can be a more reasonable choice, and in the event that you get everything done as well as possible, can keep going for quite a long time.

You can try wrapping a traffic cone in rope if you want something a little less difficult. Sisal is the best rope for cat scratchers, according to us. For a fun, colorful scratching toy, you could even glue some pom poms on.

Wine corks

Use wine corks to make a cat toy instead of drinking or crafting, which is completely acceptable! Make a hole in the cork with a nail and then pull it out again with pliers. Pull yarn through the hole with a darning needle. Make sure the yarn is at least 30 centimeters long when you tie tassels at the bottom so you have enough dangling distance.

Cat tent

Materials for a cat tent:

Medium t-shirt, a piece of cardboard measuring, two wire hangers, tape, four safety pins, and pliers.

Here's another idea for your cat's secret hideout. You don't know what to do with an old t-shirt. Make the ideal cat tent out of it! Every one of the materials for this Do-It-Yourself project are things you presumably have as of now, and the tent is a snap to make. Put a soft blanket inside the tent to complete the look. Naturally, there is no assurance that your adorable tiger will not destroy the tent you made for them. But unless you try, you won't know!

Cat tree

If you're really ambitious, you could try making your own cat tree or shtepi per mace. For this one, you probably need to buy supplies, but you might also have a basket, rope, and cardboard boxes that you can use for something else. Additionally, you will require specific tools like a staple gun, table saw, and hammer. However, this could be a fun project if you enjoy getting your hands dirty and using tools, and your feline friend will adore having their very own cat tree!

If you are interested in adopting a cat, search mace persiane ne shitje or mace per adoptim on MerrJep.com.


An animal that can create a toy from an empty cardboard, or a purse, or a straightforward yarn ball box deserves respect. Cat owners, whether they are aware of it or not, constantly attempt to demonstrate to their felines that they, too, can create something from nothing. These are only a few cat toys that will not only keep you entertained but also help you save money and possibly reuse something you might have otherwise thrown away.

We promise that if you give your cat one of these homemade cat toys, they will be amazed at the other amazing things you can do with two legs!


Image Credits: Freepik

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