10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcyclists adore taking a long ride on an open road, regardless of their destination, because they can enjoy the thrill of the ride, the rush of the wind, and the sensation of unrestricted freedom and adrenaline. Even though bikers probably don't want to worry about their mobile devices during their trips, they've almost become a necessity. They are ideal for travelers who want to plan their trips, keep track of their purchases, and ensure that they are going to the right places.

Going on a high-adrenaline road trip on a motorcycle is the ultimate thrill. In this day and age of smartphones, there are a number of apps that can help you enjoy your ride more, find new routes, monitor fuel mileage, and keep track of bike repairs and maintenance.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Our team at MerrJep.com created a list of 10 unquestionable requirement applications for each biker.

Waze - merrjep motorra

Waze takes the title of the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app from Eat Sleep Ride, which may be one of the best social apps for motorcycle riders. Numerous motorcycle blogs claim that this companion program is one of the best real-time navigators that can help you beat the morning rush. In addition, it was developed by and for drivers, making use of reports and routes that both car and motorcycle drivers use. With an environment so huge, and through exact information being accounted for from various sources, cruiser workers make certain to profit from Waze similarly as much as some other suburbanite.

Diablo super biker

Diablo super biker is a popular app for road and track riders that offers free in-app purchases and a link for both Apple and Android. It records things like lean angle, top speed, and overall lap time in addition to the usual on-road mapping that you would expect from a motorcycle app.

One of the best motorcycle applications for road and track riding is this one.

Gas buddy

Even though this app was designed to help riders in all kinds of vehicles, motorcycle riders who are looking for the best places to fill up after a long road trip will find it especially useful. The app itself uses information from a huge community of riders and drivers to report reviews, prices, and other details about gas stations. It even offers discounts to customers who use the app to pay for fuel.

Eat sleep ride

This is definitely the app for you if you want a tool that does everything for you. You not just get the choice to record your bicycle rides yet additionally to share them on your web-based entertainment handles. By keeping track of your speed, lean angles, and mileage, you can easily view your data. It also lets you try new routes, but you should make sure you have motorcycle insurance before you try new routes because you never know what might happen. ESR also has live tracking, which helps you stay in touch with your loved ones and helps with the risk factors; They can quickly locate your precise location!

Your phone's pre-selected contacts will receive an alert whenever the crash light feature detects one, you can add your family as well as your cruiser insurance agency's number to find support as quickly as could be expected.

With this application, you can easily connect with people who share your interests. On the app, you can share your riding experiences with other bikers and revel in your enthusiasm for motorcycling to the fullest.

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Riser is a specialized app that offers a variety of advice for the modern rider to use on your next big adventure. It not only gives you great places to go and helps you quickly plan customized routes, but it also lets you take pictures of your trip to show your friends. You can get Riser for free here, but you might also want to pay for the in-app subscription.


This is a free app, with in-app purchases You can download for Apple and Android. For rides where you don't want to take the fastest or shortest route, Calimoto will show you the route that is more interesting to ride. The app has "twisty road algorithms" that can steer you off the beaten path and onto a more interesting and fulfilling path.


Your new best friend is going to be an Autosist. You are definitely missing out on a lot if you haven't used it yet. It is an app for tracking maintenance that will keep you on top of your motorcycle maintenance routine at all times. It keeps you prepared for any flaws you might encounter while riding a bike. This app will remind you to update everything at the appropriate time if you don't have bike insurance or if you have other maintenance issues that need your attention. It will keep track of your bike service history and periodically inform you of your mileage. The best part is that this app lets you save information about all of your other cars. You should simply download this application and you will track down your new dearest companion in only a tick!

Motorcycle weather

Motorcycle weather differs slightly from other weather apps in terms of features. It enables riders to input their preferred riding conditions, such as temperature and wind speed, and determines the week's most favorable riding time.

Dark sky

Are you getting sick of having sudden downpours while biking? If that's the case, this app can really help you out and keep your plans from going awry. As motorcyclists, it's critical to know the weather forecast ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. The weather app Dark sky updates practically every minute to provide you with the most up-to-date forecasts and conditions. So far, its results have been pretty much unmatched. It is without a doubt the best one available. Voice notifications are one of the best features. The app can be connected to your bike's Bluetooth headphones, and the voice notifications will keep you up to date on the weather without you having to check your phone or stop. You will be notified via the application whenever an extreme weather condition is about to occur, allowing you to get off the road ahead of time and plan your next route.

Best biking roads

Although this app performs the same functions as the majority of other GPS and tracking apps, it stands out as a viable alternative due to its user-friendliness, beautifully designed interface, and the capacity to discover new routes tailored to your preferences. Best biking roads is an easy-to-use app that shows motorcycle routes near your current location. You can filter routes by country, region, or text, and users can easily add new roads if they think they should be shared. As a last touch, the application permits clients to survey existing courses that they've previously taken and add remarks for future campaigns.

Final thoughts

Riding a motorcycle for a long distance can be thrilling, but you must be prepared with all the necessary tools to stay safe and on schedule. Before embarking on your next significant trip, therefore, be sure to test out these various apps! Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about some other outstanding apps or even finding out how you can contribute to the development of your own app concepts, you should take a look at the extensive collection of resources that have been meticulously crafted as well as the outstanding services that are proudly provided by the specialists in the field at Strides right now.


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