3 Reasons Nurses Are Leaving Bedside Nursing

3 Reasons Nurses Are Leaving Bedside Nursing

When you first decided to take a career in nursing, you undoubtedly looked up to the heroic actions of nurses in the medical field. You knew that you wanted to work one-on-one with patients and provide them with comfort and care.

However, the reality of bedside nursing is not always the way you expected it to be. In fact, you might not be surprised to hear that 600,000 nurses are planning to leave the industry by 2027.

But why is that exactly? Why are people leaving bedside nursing? Read on to find out.

1. Burnout

Burnout is a frequently cited reason that nurses are leaving bedside nursing. Nursing is a demanding profession and the combination of continuous stress and long work hours can lead to nurse burnout.

Nurses are exposed to difficult and emotionally taxing situations daily. From patient interactions to administering treatments while always being short on time, they may be overwhelmed. Not to mention that it can be difficult for nurses to disconnect from their work, and not to bring it home.

2. Diminished Resources and Poor Benefits

There are diminishing resources and poor benefits provided to nurses. This can lead to an environment where nurses are either too overwhelmed or unsatisfied to remain in bedside nursing.

Increasingly, nurses are experiencing overworked schedules, shortage of supplies, and inadequate compensation. With their wages capped at an unappealing level, nurses are often made to bear extra expenses to carry out their responsibilities. The few benefits available are often insufficiently designed to attract and retain employees.

Poor career advancement or rewards in bedside nursing also means nurses have little incentive to stay. These issues must be addressed to ensure nurses remain in their roles and that there is enough staff to provide quality health care.

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3. Poor Management and Cutthroat Policies

Poor management, in both hospital and nursing home settings, can lead nurses to become overworked and undervalued. Managers with poor communication skills can create a hostile work environment.

Cutthroat policies also play a factor in the nurse staffing crisis. There is simply too high a demand for round-the-clock availability at unreasonable rates and a lack of commitment to ensure quality of care. There is also a lack of support and lack of clear objectives from managers that can cause nurses to become frustrated with their roles.

Nurses are not being properly supported, thanked, and valued. This has triggered losses of knowledge, experience, and dedication from the nursing profession. This then leads to a nursing shortage.

People Are Leaving Bedside Nursing for Valid Reasons

As nursing roles have expanded and diversified in recent years, many nurses are leaving bedside nursing. This indicates a need to consider prioritizing job satisfaction and improved working conditions.

Nurses are a vital part of the healthcare profession, and increasing their feelings of satisfaction is paramount. So if you want to continue working in the industry, fight for your rights. Actively support comprehensive and innovative workplace practices!

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