3 Signs of Rodent Infestation You Won’t Want to Ignore

3 Signs of Rodent Infestation You Won’t Want to Ignore

They're hiding in the walls and stashing their droppings throughout your home. Rodents are some of the world's nastiest and most invasive species, but they're also one of the most underestimated.

Just because they're small doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay attention when rodent infestation signs pop up. If you ignore them, they can lead to bigger and more dangerous infestations, not to mention a major health hazard for you, your family, and others living in your home.

Can you keep rodents from taking over your home? Read on to find out how to spot signs of rodent infestation!

1. Odor and Noise Indicators

Signs of rodent infestation can easily be identified by certain odors and noises. Rodents, like rats and mice, tend to carry a distinct odor that is often described as a musty or ammonia-like smell. If the infestation is particularly bad, it may even give off a sewage-like smell.

In addition to smells, hearing anything that resembles scurrying, scratching, or squeaking noises in the walls, attic, or ceiling is a sure sign of a rodent infestation. They may also be heard rustling in the garbage. If any of these odors and noises are present in the home, it is a sign of an infestation and should be immediately addressed with pest control.

2. Droppings and Grease Marks

Droppings and grease marks are two of the most easily detectable signs. Droppings are often black or brown and about 0.5 inches in length. They may appear in various places, including kitchen countertops, pantries, and even inside cabinets or drawers.

Grease marks are caused when rodents rub their bodies against walls and other surfaces, leaving behind a greasy stain. If you spot either of these signs, it means that you have a rodent infestation, and you will want to act quickly to address the problem.

Consider contacting a rodent control professional for assistance. The sooner you take action, the easier it will be to eliminate the problem and keep your home safe and free of pests.

3. Tunnels and Gnaw Marks

They like to create pathways in and around walls and other restricted spaces in search of food and shelter. These tunnels are often created by rodents chewing through materials including wood, plastic, and metal.

Additionally, gnaw marks, which are marks left on surfaces such as wood, metal, and wiring resulting from rodent chewing, are a surefire sign. For example, gnaw marks can appear on baseboards, furniture, or doorways, and the surrounding area may bear evidence of scattered rodent droppings.

Don't Ignore These Signs of Rodent Infestation When You See Them

Rodent infestations are a serious issue and should not be ignored. Signs of rodent infestation, such as bite marks, bad smells, or droppings, should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. No one wants a rodent problem in their home, so taking action when the signs first appear is essential.

Contact a qualified rodent removal expert today and get rid of the infestation.

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Image Credits: Freepik

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