3 Things to Avoid After Tooth Extraction

3 Things to Avoid After Tooth Extraction

Have you had a tooth pulled recently? You're likely asking yourself what things to avoid after tooth extraction.

During this trying time, you can make mistakes that could prolong the discomfort. Follow what you should do to avoid further complications and speed up your recovery.

Keep reading to discover how to make your road to tooth extraction recovery easier.

1. Strenuous Physical Activity

Giving your body time to heal after getting a tooth pulled is essential. This means staying away from strenuous activities or workouts for at least 24 to 48 hours.

Physical activity can cause more blood to move to the area where the tooth was pulled, which can cause bleeding to last longer or even break up the blood clot that forms in the socket. This blood clot is essential for healing because it works as a barrier to protect the bone and nerves underneath while new tissue grows.

Taking it easy for the first couple of days post-extraction allows the body to focus on healing the wound. Once your dentist gives you the green light, you can gradually resume regular physical activities.

2. Smoking and Tobacco Use

Smoking or using tobacco products after getting a tooth pulled can slow healing and make you more likely to have problems. Tobacco has chemicals that are bad for you that can narrow blood vessels and cut off blood flow to the area that needs to heal.

This means the area doesn't get enough oxygen and nutrients. This cuts off the blood flow to the wound, making it harder for the body to heal and making it more likely that an infection will happen.

Also, smoking includes taking in and letting out air, which causes negative pressure in the mouth. This suction-like force can break up the blood clot formed at the extraction site, letting the bone and nerves underneath be seen.

Because of this, people who smoke or use tobacco have a much higher chance of getting a dry socket.

3. Consuming Hard or Chewy Foods

A proper post-tooth extraction diet is vital in ensuring a smooth recovery. Avoid consuming hard, crunchy, or chewy foods during healing.

The extraction site is essentially an open wound, and introducing foods that require vigorous chewing can irritate the delicate tissues and disrupt blood clot formation. Hard foods can also risk getting lodged in the extraction site, potentially leading to infection or delayed healing.

Instead, opt for a soft-food diet in the first few days after the extraction. Foods like soups, broths, smoothies, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs are excellent choices as they are easy to eat and do not exert unnecessary pressure on the healing area.

If you have any concerns during your recovery, it's essential to follow up with your local dentist office for dental care, guidance, and support.

Beware of These Things To Avoid After Tooth Extraction

The healing process after a tooth extraction is essential and should be taken seriously. It is best to avoid hard or chewy foods, alcohol, smoking, and anything that may irritate the extraction site.

After understanding these things to avoid after tooth extraction, you can help ensure a speedy and safe recovery. For more advice and tips, consult your local dentist for advice.

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