4 Activities You Can Do In La Union

4 Activities You Can Do In La Union

San Juan is one reason why Elyu is quite popular. It's also the surfing capital of the Philippines and has a lot to offer with its beaches, waves, and hospitality scene! It is also a great place to explore for surfers and non-surfers alike!

So what are some things you can go to La Union for? Some of them are to surf, explore the place, and visit. Here are some of the best activities you can do in La Union!


What else do you do in Elyu? It's usually the surfing that people come for. You can use your San Juan La Union hotel as a good starting point since the San Juan location is near the beach and the Elyu town center. Elyu is home to the best and biggest waves - especially during the Swell Seasons: Northern and Southern Swell.

The popularity of La Union also rests in the fact that it is a surfing destination - for experienced surfers, newbies, and those interested in learning the sport. In San Juan, you've got Urbiztondo Beach, which stretches far and wide - and is the most prominent surfing spot and tourist area. Its peak begins in October and lasts until March when the best waves come.

If you're looking for other areas, there are plenty of good surfing spots. These spots are Bacnotan, Darigayos, Taboc,and Jesus Point in Carilla.

Cliff Diving

Yes, cliff diving is actually a thing. If you want to take a break from the surf, you can try cliff diving and enjoy a dip at Tangadan Falls! Tangadan Falls is found in San Gabriel. It's also an easy day trip if you come from San Juan.

Moreover, Tangadan Falls has a spacious plunge pool that is great for swimming. One way to get to the main cascade is through a bamboo raft. After that, you can also enjoy a cool waterfalls shower massage. There are two (2) smaller waterfalls nearby. They are also popular with the locals for cliff diving. The first is on the upper level upstream, while the others are farther downstream.

Visit Bahay Na Bato

Bahay Na Bato is the latest tourist attraction in La Union. Its name is derived from its architectural structure and type - built from the stones found along Luna's rare pebbled beaches, this rest house stands on an idyllic property Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita Chan-Noble. Korean artist Bong Kim produced plenty of fascinating stone and wooden structures. In addition, the place has an artistic feel that can spark ideas and imagination.

If you have ever been to the Black Houses in Chiang Rai, Thailand, you may find that Bahay Na Bato has the same vibes.

Visit Luna Church And Baluarte

The St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish is one of the grandest churches in the province and was built during the Spanish-colonial period in 1690. It has more than deserved its status as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. There's also a watchtower nearby - and it is the Luna Watchtower, recently restored. Spanish colonizers also used a fortress to warn residents of pirate attacks.

Wrapping Up

All of these are great activities to do in Elyu! Remember: there's more to the beauty of La Union than its beaches and waves!

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