4 Great Serums For Hydration

4 Great Serums For Hydration

This monsoon and the upcoming winter mean many things to our skin. There is the cold, followed by dryness. For the summer, we get inundated about how important skin hydration is. But now, as we ebb to the cooler climes of the monsoon, humidity takes the lead in order of importance. 

Be warned: the monsoon is a hard time. It is unpredictable, as the weather tends to fluctuate. Humid, dry, and whatever else. One day, your skin might feel congested; the next, it feels flakey and itchy. As such, it becomes important to keep your skin hydrated. You can do that by using serums. 

However, serums are not created equal. Plenty of the serums on the market now have plenty of actives. Actives are great, but you must take them in moderation. For example, your skin might experience irritation if you simultaneously use an acidic Vitamin C serum and a retinol serum. 

Another problem is dealing with dehydrated skin. Dry, dull, and tight skin characterizes dehydrated skin. It means that your skin is lacking in water, not oil, as oil is often confused with hydration – a reason why many people fail to hydrate their skin appropriately. Dehydration also spells out problems - from excess sebum production to inflammation. 

To solve that, you need to use a hydrating serum. 

Here are some serums that can help! 

La Roche Posay HyaluB5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

La Roche Posay HyaluB5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum has an ultra-hydrating serum with an anti-aging formula. It leaves the skin feeling plump and helps repair the skin by replenishing the natural moisture barrier. The formula marries concentrated pure hyaluronic acid, madecassoside, and vitamin B5 for optimal effectiveness while being suitable for sensitive skin.

Its pure hyaluronic acid serum hydrates and visibly plumps the skin. Meanwhile, its rich serum texture can help the skin feel hydrated and visibly plump. The serum can be added to your moisturizer and used alone. Moreover, its formula has fragrance, but it has undergone allergy testing. 

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

One can never go wrong with antioxidants - with food or, rather, as a skincare product. Jessica Radloff, senior West Coast editor and art director Allie Folino swear by Vintner's Daughter's Active Botanical Serum as their antioxidant product. It acts more as a face oil than a serum. It has nourishing omegas, phytoceramides, and phytonutrients to help the skin look healthier and more glowing. The results, according to Radloff, are instant and last long. 

IS Clinical Active Serum

IS Clinical Active Serum a try due to its potent formulation that can help combat hormonal acne. Its formula helps fight stubborn cysts underneath the skin. It also helps speed up the process of healing breakouts immensely.

MV Organic Skincare Daily Skin Soother Booster

MV Organic Skincare Daily Skin Soother Booster brims with organic ingredients like calendula and chamomile oils that nourish, reduce inflammation, and calm redness. Thus, it acts as an all-in-one, first-aid kit–worthy remedy for sensitive and dry skin. Chamomile is the star ingredient in this booster; it can heal and soothe skin. 

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Wrapping Up

Results can appear depending on the potency of a serum formula. Remember to check out the ingredient list before purchasing. We can all benefit from soothing and hydrating our skin this holiday! Happy shopping!

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