4 Must-Visit La Union Tourist Spots

4 Must-Visit La Union Tourist Spots

La Union is one of the most beautiful provinces to visit in the Philippines. With its wide sand beaches, natural scenery, and local culture, it has become a popular destination for locals and tourists. If you want to escape the hustle of Manila city life, the province has many spots to unwind.

When visiting the province, making an itinerary is best. Prepare your budget, clothes, hotel accommodation, gadgets, and transportation. Some tourist spots can be crowded during peak season, especially in the summer months. Therefore, timing is key to making the most of your getaway. Here are some of the must-visit attractions in the province!

Tangadan Falls

Found within the mountainous areas of San Gabriel, La Union, Tangandan Falls is a two-tier waterfall that flows into the Baroro River. It has two cascades, one upper and one lower, with the upper side ideal for jumping. Of the two cascades, the lower side is famous for its photogenic scenery. Before visiting the falls, you can trek en route to the waterfall or ride until the nearest drop-off point.

Red Clay Pagdamilian

Are you into local pottery? The Red Clay Pagdamilian showcases their skills in pottery through their humble studio. Interestingly, the word damili, translates to “the art of pottery making” from Ilocano. For a small fee, you can create your own pottery to mold your souvenir from scratch. The pottery sessions are so popular that even foreigners want to learn pottery-making techniques. Make sure that you visit where there are few tourists. Sometimes, the waiting time can get too long.

Urbiztondo Beach

Urbiztondo Beach is a popular surfing spot in the province. You enjoy the wide sand, calm waters, and challenging waves. Also known as the surfing capital of Northern Philippines, the surfing seasons fall between July to October and November to March. There are also surfboards available on the beach, and you can rent one for a surfing session.

After enjoying the waves, you can stay at the best hotel in San Juan La Union. There are many places where you can lounge around to relax after a long day at the beach. Fortunately, there are also many local restaurants within the area to indulge after a long swim. They offer local Filipino cuisine and other international offerings to local and foreign tourists.

Poro Point and Lighthouse

Historically known as the San Fernando Point, the Poro Point and Lighthouse is a former Spanish-built lighthouse. It had been in use since 1885 because its location is ideal for navigation. The tower was made from French prefabricated steel and stands 6 meters tall.

The lighthouse was then converted into a US reservation site during the American colonial period. It was replaced by a concert tower that stands 38 meters tall. By 1991, the lighthouse was returned to the Philippine government. Currently, the lighthouse is the headquarters of the Philippine Navy. You can find the lighthouse on the boundary of San Fernando bay near the international seaport.

Wrapping Up

La Union has many exciting tourist attractions to visit. Whether you want to swim at the beach or learn about the province’s history, it has it all for you. Remember, planning to visit these tourist spots helps to create the best vacation experience.

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