4 Skincare Must-Haves

4 Skincare Must-Haves

Four skincare products sound like a lot if you're lazy. Trust me, though - it's worth it! However, think of it as the parts of a whole: one won't work without the other. In fact, the other will not help prevent wrinkles if you want to. Think of it as this: if you've got all of them, they reinforce the effects you want to see - provided that their formulations are all compatible with each other on your skin.

So what are the must-have things in your skincare? One necessity is the facial cleanser and sunscreen - if you're truly a minimalist girl. However, other skincare things are necessary to supplement these products' effectiveness. These are:

Facial Cleanser

Obviously, the cleanser should be the no-brainer! If you do not dare cleanse your face, it would be an occasion that leaves you to much judgment. The cleanser strips your face of dust and dirt. It also helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin and work to remove dirt, oil, and makeup.

For those who love to wear makeup, it is only ideal that you should be double-cleansing. Double-cleansing lessens the chances that your pores are clogged, especially if you love putting your makeup on very thick!

There's also the option of micellar water. It was a French pharmaceutical invention. One great recommendation is a Bioderma one.


Got any skin concerns? When I say skin concerns, many things are up in the air. You may want to brighten your complexion or your signs of aging. You might also be worried about if your skin is dry.

However, the wonders of skincare technology never cease to amaze! Serums were the first part of the Korean long skincare routine trend, but they have slowly become part of our routines. What makes it a powerful tool is how potent it is. The serum's potency lies with its ingredients, too.

Serums are also targetive towards certain skin concerns. There are possible ingredients that can address your skin concerns. For example, if you want to repair dry skin, you can invest in ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

It is great that a serum is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and high-potency ingredients to help transform your skin.


For sensitive ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, you'll need to plush it between moist and creamy formulations, as hyaluronic acid absorbs the moisture found in the skin to give your skin that hydration. That's where the moisturizer comes in!

The moisturizer seals in your skincare ingredients! It also buffs the effect of the skincare beforehand that you have applied!


Lastly, we've got sunscreen! It protects your skin from UV rays. It also helps repair your skin barrier and fades your blemishes. Sunscreen's a worthy investment because the protection from UV filters and rays of the sun is worth it - that also means less blemishes, a more youthful look and appearance - and fewer chances of getting skin cancer!

Don't forget to load up on the sunblock!

Wrapping Up

Now that the most basic skincare routine has been outlined, what you can do next is figure out what your skin type is. That way it will be easier to gauge what products will target your skin concerns.

Author Deinah Storm

Author's Bio:

Deinah Storm works in the corporate industry, but she has quite a bit of knowledge about beauty, health, and skin care. On her free days, she finds solace in writing and educating more people about taking care of your beauty, skin, and wellness.


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