4 Things To Consider When Maintaining Luxury Watches

4 Things To Consider When Maintaining Luxury Watches

Owning a luxury watch is the first step in getting a piece of opulence. Each timepiece comes in various sizes, materials, and features. The characteristics differ depending on the model you own, and it determines the lifespan throughout its use. If you plan to use the watch for a long time, it is necessary to do regular maintenance.

Maintaining luxury watches is a must for any watch owner, whether you have been collecting or getting your first timepiece. Remember, each model has its limitations. You must check the parts and accessories to ensure the watch still works. Maintenance helps you find problems to solve faster to prevent further damage.

Here are four things to keep in mind when maintaining your luxury watch.

Keep The Watch Box

All luxury watch brands, including Grand Seiko, present their timepieces in boxes after purchase. Keeping the box protects the watch from scratches and wear and tear. These boxes protect your watch from the elements, including a pillow/cushion-like material to prevent dents. Some boxes may also have a glass top to see the timepiece. If you plan to service the watch, it is necessary to provide the box. It ensures that you take good care of the watch while keeping the packaging.

If you plan to sell a luxury watch, always include the box. It can protect the watch from further damage, even when you sell it.

Service The Watch Regularly

Ideally, luxury watches should get serviced. This depends on the type of watch. For example, mechanical watches should go into service every two years. And an automatic watch should get serviced every five years.

If your watch has sustained damage, avoid opening the timepiece. The watch comprises many intricate parts, requiring precise skill for repair. Opening the watch yourself exposes the watch to various dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This can also impact the watch's water resistance.

Look Out For Magnets

Magnets can ruin the watch's mechanisms. This is especially true for mechanical watches. Since the parts rely on a precise movement set by the watch manufacturer, a magnetic pull can make it fall apart.

While there are watches with anti-magnetic coating, it is best to avoid magnets. Any magnet pull will affect the watch in any way possible. If your watch stops working, go to any watch service to bring back the watch's capabilities.

Avoid Contact With Chemicals

Some chemicals are harmful to the luxury watch. It can be lotions, perfumes, or any product with chemicals. Ensure you let the lotion or perfume dry before wearing the watch. These products can damage the band, regardless of the material. If you wear a leather strap, the perfume or lotion can rust the metals on the watch. Either way, avoid using these products while wearing the timepiece.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a luxury watch is a big responsibility for any watch owner. You check the watch's features and accessories to make sure it still works. If you have a box, keep it at all times to protect the watch. Avoid any chemicals or magnets to ensure the watch keeps on ticking. If it needs more work, servicing the watch helps. Ultimately, maintenance is a long-term practice for those who love timepieces.

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