4 Ways to Improve Your Mathematics Skills

4 Ways to Improve Your Mathematics Skills

Mathematics offers a different perspective to view it. Some can comment on it, saying rational, logical, and interesting, while others can view it as ununderstandable.

But the foundations for both are the same, as they must learn different ways of improving mathematical skills to get a different worldview on the subject.

Therefore, keeping C.S Lewis in mind, my job is not to cut jungles but to irrigate deserts. Thus, today's topic revolves around ways to improve mathematical skills. 

Here are a few ways you can do it - 

Ways To Improve Mathematical Skill

Being an Asian, if you are not good at maths, you are viewed as something that is not natural, as our parents are obsessed with maths. Wherever you go, you might find a discussion on maths, which can be challenging if you need to catch up on your maths development.  

Therefore, to save you from trouble, here are a few things you can do - 

Repetition And Practice 

Repetition and practice are one of the oldest methods that our forefathers have passed down. It is the best way to overcome your obstacle of solving tough mathematical problems. 

For this, you can break the sum into little steps and wrap your head around the mathematical concepts. It is because once you learn the core concepts, it becomes easier to understand the rationality behind the sun.

Thus, once you learn the concepts, it is best to practice several times to understand the logic behind them, and once you do, Maths is an easy subject. 

I can even suggest Feynman's learning technique. It has helped me to improve my mathematical knowledge.    

Game-Based Learning 

This is something that is done to young kids to improve their mathematical abilities and understanding of the subject. 

Maths is one of the logical subjects that precedes due to its directness. Thus, teaching them mathematics through various games and playful activities is easier. It is the best way to teach children new concepts and help them clear their doubts. 

For this, you can raise and create issues and allow students to resolve their doubts. The game should brainstorm their ideas so that they find solutions themselves. When they learn by themselves, they can clear several unclear concepts. 

You can teach children to learn sudoku, which effectively enhances their mathematical abilities. 

Teach Others 

As we embarked on the importance of learning techniques, especially with my suggestion of Feynman's approach, here is what you can add to the method, teaching others what you know. 

It is the most effective way to improve mathematical knowledge and helps people deal with mathematical issues. Consequently, with the teaching method, you can clear all the doubts and use simpler ways to explain them. 

This means you have understood the concept, and now you can reflect on the idea and try to clear out the issues remaining by teaching your family member or friend.  

Hire A Tutor 

Hiring a tutor is the last resort if your child needs help to improve their mathematical skills through self-learning. Therefore, with a professional, you will let your child know different ways of enhancing maths from an expert.  

Try to hire an experienced IB Math Tutor who can design individualized plans for your child and help them to learn, keeping flexibility in mind. Further, they will help your child to build their critical thinking and problem-solving ability.      

Therefore, if you want one-on-one care for your child, I will recommend a tutor. They will help your child to improve their maths grade in school and help them to prepare for upcoming college exams. 

There Are More Solutions

Besides, what we discussed earlier, there are other methods you can apply to teach your children the beauty of logic and rationality -

  • The first one would be taking the help of technology. Children can learn from YouTube or other e-learning sources that teach different maths topics. This your child can learn from various scholars around the world. 
  • The last one will be to introduce maths in daily life. It is the most powerful and effective way of letting children know about maths. You can teach them time and distance while driving or walking. Further, you can teach them about profit and loss by taking them to the bank.  


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