5 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites to Find Out Who Called Me

We have often used our phones for different purposes like connecting with family, friends, coworkers, and even business processes. However, we risk missing important calls or being scammed by phone calls without knowing who is at the other end.

Luckily, the ever-changing technology has enhanced the emergence of free reverse lookup sites. These sites enable you to identify an unknown phone number to avoid scams or make informed decisions on important numbers.

In this article, we'll dive deep into five reliable free reverse phone lookup sites to find out who called you, their location, and other contact information on the caller.

Top 5 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

  1. USPhoneLookup - Overall best website to look up unknown phone numbers.
  2. WhoCallMe - A reliable site to find out who called me.
  3. WhatIsThisNumber - Best in tracking a phone number
  4. Spokeo - A trustworthy site to reveal the identity behind a phone number
  5. BeenVerified - Best in giving access to public information and records.

USPhoneLookup - An excellent website to look up unknown mobile and landline numbers


The USPhoneLookup site is a site that offers its users the opportunity to search phone numbers to recover an array of information on the caller they are trying to identify. The information of the identified caller that can be accessed on a USPhoneLookup site includes but is not limited to; Name, age, residential address, close relatives, other phone numbers, public records, etc. Navigating this site for your reverse phone lookup is straightforward, easy, and seamless.

The steps to follow to utilize this site are as follows;

  1. Locate the phone number lookup section on this website. Enter the number you want to look up.
  2. Click the search button and let the website search the database for any records linked to the phone number.
  3. Your search result is ready to be reviewed, so you can now explore the caller's contact information and social media handles.

Results can also be obtained by narrowing the search based on area codes on this website. You can go there to access the area code feature that narrows your search to a certain location.


  • It is an efficient site with a friendly user interface.
  • The site provides a large array of accurate information on a phone number.
  • The site protects your privacy and is secure.
  • It is completely free


  • The site does not give information on government numbers.
  • Sponsored ads show on the site intermittently.

WhoCallMe - A reliable site to find out who called you


WhoCallMe is an online site that provides reliable services for identifying an unknown caller. The website draws data from user-generated reports to create a database of various phone numbers. It is a user-friendly website which makes it easy to use. It is used primarily to identify spam and scam calls and to unmask the identity of who is at the other end of the call.


  • There is no cost attached to using this site.
  • It provides only accurate information.
  • The site is updated regularly to provide up-to-date information.


  • It may not have information on every number.

WhatIsThisNumber - Best in tracking a phone number


This website is another free reverse phone lookup site that provides an easy and secure user interface to look up information connected to a phone number that has called you. It is an efficient site that is notable for giving accurate information on tracked and suspicious phone numbers that have rung you.


  • The navigation and search process is quick.
  • It provides an accurate and secure result.
  • You get to experience a user-friendly interface when using this site.
  • Results are retrieved from an extensive database.


  • The result from this website is limited to phone numbers in the US.

Spokeo - A trustworthy site to reveal the identity behind a phone number


The Spokeo website is an authorized data collection website. The site removes the stress of finding public information by assembling it into a neat profile. It is a safe and secure search engine that enables users to retrieve information about individuals, their public records, email addresses, and phone numbers.


  • It provides detailed data on mobile numbers
  • It has an extensive database that includes many phone numbers
  • The website is secure and easy to navigate.


  • All features are not free.
  • Flat-rate fee for criminal records per person.

BeenVerified- Best in giving access to public information and records


The BeenVerified website is an efficient site that gives access to private information on individuals. This information you can retrieve from just searching a person's name, address, phone number, or email address on this site includes but is not limited to; court records, criminal documents, social media ids, etc.


  • It has top-notch customer support.
  • The website is highly effective
  • It offers various services apart from a Who called you service.
  • The database has a wide range of information.
  • It uses advanced filtering for the search process.


  • You will need to subscribe to gain restricted access to premium features.
  • You must always log in with your details to access your reports.


Finding out who called you has become easier recently with the right tools and sites to aid you in identifying the caller, spam, and scams. These sites provide an effective way to retrieve information about an unidentified caller, potential scammers, potential employees, or business partners.

You can access valid and authentic data and information about a caller like; name, locations, public records, etc. There are different free reverse phone lookup sites, but to stay safe and protect your privacy, we have recommended five reliable sites that have their distinct features, pros, and Cons but, regardless, produce top-notch results and accurate information.

These sites are; USPhoneLookup, WhoCallMe, Spokeo, WhatIsThisNumber, and BeenVerified. Free reverse phone lookup sites let you know who called you, gain peace of mind, make informed decisions, and control your phone calls.


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