5 Hardest Mathematics Topics You Should Be Weary About

5 Hardest Mathematics Topics You Should Be Weary About

Mathematics is the subject of logic and science, where you use numbers, figures, and shapes to understand various things in the world. Its existence in every field which deals with numbers. 

Hence, young children must develop mathematical knowledge and critical thinking to progress academically and professionally. 

Since the start of the 17th century, when physical science became independent, mathematics became an integral part of science and progress. It was used to solve every problem in physics and chemistry.

Later, it became independent and allowed the children to learn something and challenge their thinking ability. 

Thus, begins today's article on a few difficult maths topics to challenge yourself. 

Hardest Maths Topic To Learn 

Since maths became an independent subject, it developed its world with different topics and subtopics, where some are easy to learn, and some aren't. But our focus is on the aren't part. 

Here are a few of them - 


It is something you see in every science movie, where they use the summation to ensure they are doing Calculus. If only calculus were easy, everybody would have had a degree in maths. 

Calculus is one of the most difficult branches of maths, divided into two parts: integral and differential. It will help you identify instantaneous rates of change and summation of infinity elements to arrive at the final results.   

Further, it encompasses the study of integrals, derivations and limit functions for real numbers and analyses the concepts and change.

Number Theory

This is where the God of numbers, Ramanujan, excelled with his love for positive integers. Number theory is a sub-branch of mathematics that only mere geniuses touch, as it is one of the most difficult chapters to solve (no wonder people in Cambridge took centuries to solve Ramanujan, yet they are solving it).

It is also called higher arithmetic, as its roots are from ancient times. That is why it entails the body of whole and natural numbers and prime numbers.  

Therefore, if you consider yourself a maths expert, why not try number theory? 


It is one of the difficult parts of mathematics in the present world. Gone are those days when you just had to do simple algebraic sums. Rather it is more complicated than you think, as you have to wrestle with variables, abstract concepts, and critical thinking. 

Even the experts ask students to learn algebra so that when they apply for college, their applications will get more attention than the others. 

Further, algebra is one of the important parts of mathematics if you are preparing for SAT exams. 


This is where you hear the word algorithms, through which many people have won fortunes in casinos. 

Computation is the branch of mathematics that deals with computer-related things. In other words, it is the study of algorithms, scientific computing, and data structures. Therefore, it becomes a hard sub-branch to excel in.  

This is basically for our computer guys who want to create hardware and software. Thus, it comes under advanced maths, becoming a challenge for students to learn and excel. 

Therefore to solve the existing problem, we have Jimmy Maths classes, the best private Math Tutor. They can teach you about computation maths and serve insights regarding some tricks and tips with it. 

Consequently, who knows, you might create discovery in the computer world. 

Mathematical Physics 

Among different sub-branches of maths, this might interest you. It is challenging for anyone who thinks of solving thermodynamics, black holes, particle physics, etc. 

Mathematical physics discusses the topic and models required to know the world around us. It is what greats like J.J. Thompson, Richard Feynman, and Rutherford did to solve mathematical physics to give insights into the world. 

Hence, if you think of winning in the future, mathematical physics will provide you with the hurdles and challenges which can enhance your critical thinking. 

Geniuses Are Made 

Adhering to the experiment made by Lazlo Polgar on his daughters, we can surely say that if you can master any branch of mathematics, you are destined for greatness.    

Thus, if you can count yourself among the greats, these are hurdles you must master.


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