5 La Union Essential Items You Need To Bring

5 La Union Essential Items You Need To Bring

Say the phrase Elyu, and it's not hard to imagine yourself careening down the beach and the waves of Urbiztondo. However, let's admit it: Elyu is all about its holistic charm. The beaches are part of it. And so its cultural gems, hidden waterfalls, waves, and food.

For the waterfall and waves enjoyers - and those who aspire to explore what Elyu can offer, the standard essentials include a bathing suit, slippers, and money. However, there are also more items you should bring. They include the following:

Bathing Suit

A bathing suit is easier done than said. It is also an automatic instinct to bring one. However, if you intend to stay longer than intended, you may need more than one bathing suit to save time waiting for it to dry after your session with the water.

If you want to go swimming with the waterfalls, a bathing suit is also your best bet. It's safer than swimming naked. In addition, the bathing suit helps protect your skin from the sun and any unwanted critters around.


Most people tend to bring a pair of flip-flops whenever they go to the province. They're usually for lounging indoors. However, when in Elyu, a pair of flimsy flip-flops are great for short treks. You may need something tougher and better when you are off to explore waterfalls. A great recommendation for that would be a pair of sandals. They will definitely survive muddy paths, boulders - and, yes, even a gushing river.


In any travel destination, you'll surely need money. Although going cashless and relying on online transactions in the Metro is becoming more commonplace, it is a practice that is still yet to become more mainstream. Gcash may be a popular option. However, bringing onhand cash with you is always better if the establishment's Gcash option does not work.

While bringing money is good, it comes with safety caveats. That means being more careful where you put your money and if the bag with your wallet and money is safe. Some areas might be sketchy, so you may benefit from traveling with more people or someone on the side.


El Nido and Boracay may have all the beaches. In Elyu, though, you can go with the wind, waves -and other hidden waterfalls. For that, you should bring an outdoor hat or headscarf for your head. It will shield you from the harsh summer sun and keep your hair from getting bothered by the strong winds when you're out there.

In Elyu, you can ride habal-habal to see waterfalls and return to the Hotel in San Juan La Union. That means a lot of wind.


Lastly, sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun's UV rays and the damage they pose. They also go a long way in helping improve the state of your skin. Sunscreen can also help you prevent skin cancer, especially if used religiously.

Due to the boom of the Filipino beauty industry here, many affordable Filipino sunscreens are in the market with a wide range of price points.

Wrapping Up

With that, there goes all your La Union essential items. They will keep you prepared and fuss-free! Enjoy your Elyu adventure!


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