7 of the Best Ways to Advertise in Arizona

7 of the Best Ways to Advertise in Arizona

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon state, it has almost two dozen state parks, picturesque desert landscapes, and cities like Phoenix which is a major hub for business and entertainment. If you're thinking about starting a business in this busy southwestern state, you'll need to advertise beyond just posting on Phoenix billboards, you'll have to figure out a way to reach the millions of tourists and people living there. Luckily, we have 7 of the best ways to advertise in Arizona to help make the most of your marketing dollars.

1. Billboards

Phoenix's metropolitan area, commonly known as the Valley of the Sun, is a great location for advertising in general, but Phoenix billboards are likely the most effective kind of advertising there is. There are typically two types of billboards: classic and digital. A traditional billboard is manually rotated by personnel who place your advertisement in locations where it will increase the cost per mile because the number of people who see it while driving on the highway can reach millions. Digital Phoenix billboards are a fantastic tool as well. Whether your ad is placed on a large screen by a highway or a smaller screen close to a bus stop, anybody traveling by foot, bicycle, or automobile will be able to see it. Large graphics are possible on billboards which can make a significant impact, also many advertisers have gone to the digital format because it allows businesses to submit updates or changes that can be implemented on the fly.

2. Social Media

Phoenix has a sizable population, and a lot of tourists use the internet to find activities, restaurants, and shops. Using specific keywords for the region you service or are located in will make it easier for people to find you and enable social media platforms to push your advertisement to users in that area. Social media advertisements must to be attention-grabbing, succinct, and include a call to action, such as signing up to follow, enrolling in a course, or going to your business. Due to the prevalence of social media, it is simple to encourage Phoneix residents and tourists to check out your offerings.

3. Street Furniture

Rental bikes, scooters, transit shelters, seats, and other moving street furniture are common in Phoenix and are perfect for your adverts. Since commuters frequently have to wait by street furniture and view your advertisement every day, it is a good idea to develop a call-to-action campaign to attract clients to your business.

4. Wallscapes

A major rival to Phoenix billboards is a thing called wallscapes. A wallscape is a large advertisement painted on or applied to the surface of the exterior of a prominent building in an urban environment. Wallscape is almost considered art to some which means your very attractive logo and style can be displayed for millions to see as they walk, commute, or travel through Phoenix or other areas of Arizona.

5. Tourist Attractions

Phoenix is a contemporary metropolis situated in the middle of this lovely state. Arizona is recognized for its sunny weather, year-round warm temperatures, and desert landscape, which is why so many people desire to live there or visit. Millions of tourists visit tourist destinations like the Desert Botanical Garden, Heard Museum, and Phoenix Art Museum each year, and almost all of them provide some kind of marketing opportunity, such as selling advertisements in guides, stores, and sponsorships. If you are launching a restaurant, think about tourist attractions that can draw customers in by recommending it as one of their suggested locations to dine in their own local guide. Look to work with companies that share your goals.

Arizona is a great place for skateboarding enthusiasts. Its wide variety of terrain and perfect weather make it the perfect spot to get your skateboard out and practice some tricks. It should definitely be on your list of must-visit spots, as you can find the best skateparks in Arizona here.

6. Wild Posting

If you're advertising in one of Arizona's more densely populated cities like Phoenix, you'll want to invest some marketing dollars in wild posting. A wild posting is the placement of paper posters in urban environments that get a lot of foot traffic, think of a wall, fence, or anything else that is passed by every day at the street level. It is an upscale version of a classic guerilla advertisement style that gives your brand a down to earth viewpoint.

7. Direct Mail

You open your mailbox and you have some coupons from a local food joint that opened just down the road, it's a good enough discount to take your family for a Saturday evening meal, that restaurant just converted you into a customer using direct mail. Direct mail may scare some people off as it can seem a bit like spam mail, but in fact it's one of the easiest ways to attract local clientele to your business. If you have any discounts or product releases, or just want to advertise your grand opening, you can create a mail-friendly ad and let the post office handle the rest.


Image Credits: Freepik

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