9 Tips To Pick The Ideal Long-Distance Moving Company

9 Tips To Pick The Ideal Long-Distance Moving Company

Are you thinking about moving to another city or maybe a different state? If the answer is yes, then you're not alone; almost one-third of Americans contemplated moving at the beginning of this year. Many people switch to another city due to extreme weather conditions, high crime rates, and inflation. If you're a Tucson resident, for instance, you know how difficult it is to live in a city with a homicide rate 1.7x greater than the national average. Since April 30, Tucson has endured two 100-degree days as well.

These reasons are enough to justify moving to another state. But this long-distance move requires professional assistance from local movers. Hiring a reliable moving company will turn your trip out of Tucson, Arizona, into a stress-free adventure. Here's how to pick the movers:

1. Choose the right time to relocate

Choosing the ideal long-distance moving company means you must determine the ideal moving date first. Decide when you're planning to relocate to your new destination. Moving companies may even give you a lower estimate in the off-season.

2. Shop around and compare prices

You should interview different movers, receive free estimates from all of them, and then decide which one's the ideal moving partner for your long-distance journey. As Tucson's housing market gets costlier day by day and gas prices skyrocket unbelievably, you need to compare quotes and find an affordable moving company in this economy. Look around to find different long distance movers in Tucson, and finally, you'll come across a cost-effective moving solution.

Also, comparing prices will help realize if a moving company is quoting unusual rates. You can compare different movers and choose the best moving company to help you move.

3. Make sure they serve your region

When it comes to long-distance moves, not all local movers will serve the area where you're headed. You need to make sure your movers cover the region you have chosen as your new hometown. Go to a moving company's website, and they usually give a list of areas they serve. Many movers will give an entire map of different U.S. states where they can take your belongings for reasonable prices.

You can also find out how many branches the movers have in your city by searching your city's name on their websites. Larger cities often have different branches of the same moving company. 

4. Ensure they offer various services.

Relocation isn't just about traveling to your new home. It also includes different other processes, such as packing your belongings. That's why you should look for a moving company that can provide many other kinds of services in conjunction with transportation. If you're concerned about wrapping all your fragile valuables safely and then loading them on a moving truck, make sure your movers can provide this service. Here are some other services you would expect competent movers to offer:

  • Custom crating options
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Furniture padding and shrink wrapping

5. Check accreditation and reputation

Make sure your moving company is BBB-accredited. Similarly, if they are a member of the Moving and Storage Conference then that's a plus. Moreover, you should contact your real estate agent to inquire about the local moving services industry. Realtors will know which moving companies are genuine and which ones scam people. It's never too late to ask around your family and friends for recommendations. Go online on platforms such as Quora and Reddit to ask for reliable movers.

6. They need to be verified and licensed

Your preferred moving company needs to be licensed and insured if you want them to bring your stuff across state lines. That's because there's a major difference between interstate and intrastate moves. Make sure your movers are licensed to travel to your house the whole way. If your movers don't have the license to move across state borders, they might transfer, take you part of the way and then dump you in the hands of another moving company. 

7. Look for some good online reviews 

Many long-distance moving companies operate in major cities, but you should find the best movers by checking online reviews. Moving companies furnish their websites with reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. So, these reviews can help you determine a moving company's credibility.

However, these reviews may have been forged. You can verify the trustworthiness of the movers now by seeking positive reviews from external websites. Ask around different internet platforms, check out their Google ratings, and you'll decide if you've found your ideal long-distance moving partners.

8. Only work with experienced movers

A long-distance relocation plan requires professional assistance from experienced movers. You should ascertain that your preferred moving company has been operating in the moving services industry for a considerable amount of time. For instance, avoid working with someone who just appeared last year in the market. Qualified, reliable movers must have at least a few years in this competitive industry.

Experienced movers are familiar with all the usual challenges occurring in a long-distance move. They will know which roads to take to reach your destination on time without any major delays.

9. Always be on the lookout for red flags

Let's talk about moving scams. Data shows that almost 1,400 moving frauds take place yearly, and many Americans are still vulnerable to these deceptions. Some scammers take your money and never show up or load up the truck with your stuff and vanish forever. You need to watch out for common moving scams. Beware if:

  • Their website doesn't seem genuine
  • The movers quote an unexpectedly low price
  • The moving company's address can't be found
  • They make unusual requests such as full advance payment


This blog explains some basic steps to take when shopping for the best local movers in your town. If you're planning to leave your hometown, it is important to find a trustworthy moving company to transport your belongings. Only work with licensed, experienced, and fully accredited movers when you are about to embark on a long-distance journey. That's how you move successfully to your new home.


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