Small and Big Ways to Advance Your Career in 2023

Small and Big Ways to Advance Your Career in 2023

Do you feel like your career has plateaued and you need to do something to make some great changes? Do you want to know how to advance your career in 2023?

Making changes to improve your skills and strategy can be daunting, and the first step is acknowledging you want an improvement. That's why we are here to help with these suggestions on small and big ways to change your career for the better.

Read on!

Continuously Invest in Learning and Development

Continuous learning and development could be done in small and big ways – ranging from attending seminars or workshops to get trained in new skill sets to going back to school to expand the knowledge base, finding an online masters program, or pursuing any higher degree.

It is worth researching various certifications and qualifications, such as licenses or diplomas, as obtaining these could provide a great platform for advancing your career. Developing other soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, should also be at the top of the agenda.

Additionally, participating in online or offline mentoring programs and joining professional networks can prove to be beneficial. With this approach, it is possible to skillfully move one’s career in the desired direction.

Network Strategically

It’s easy to invest in attending events. This includes conferences, podcast interviews, or other professional gatherings. Also, consider taking advantage of online networking opportunities. You can also invest in yourself with skills-building and industry certifications.

Additionally, start fostering relationships with people in the industry. Make meaningful connections with people, and take an interest in the work that they do. The best way to network strategically is to build relationships with people that share similar values and collaborate on projects

You can also network with those who can at the same time offer you a mentor-ship. Don’t forget to look to friends and family as resources. Talk to them about your career aspirations.

Seek Feedback and Act on It

Receiving constructive feedback can open up opportunities to think differently about potential solutions to business challenges. Listen to:

  • subject matter experts
  • colleagues
  • peers

This can help you understand what is and isn't working, and using this information to inform decisions can both shape and improve how you work. By actively suggesting changes based on input, you can demonstrate that feedback is valued and drives improvements.

It can also help to open more networks for opportunities and potentially create unexpected advantages in terms of career advancement. Small steps, such as keeping track of feedback received, will enable you to monitor and measure the progress you make over time.

Set Clear Goals

Setting both small and large goals is essential in helping you make steps toward reaching your end goal. Identify a long-term goal, such as:

  • continuing education
  • earning a promotion
  • starting your own business

From there, break the long-term goal into smaller goals you can complete in shorter periods of time. This will allow you to constantly measure your progress and stay motivated.

Additionally, setting smaller goals, like networking or attending a conference, as mentioned above, provides more immediate satisfaction and helps create momentum. This will help keep you moving in the direction of your bigger goals.

Take on Challenging Projects

Even small steps, such as taking part in a task that is out of your comfort zone or learning new skills, will help you gain valuable experience. On the other hand, taking on a large-scale project at work or joining a long-term volunteer opportunity may demonstrate your commitment to your career to a larger degree.

Working on these types of projects will help you build your portfolio and network; it may give you an opportunity to work with industry professionals and/or help you develop a more specialized set of skills. These activities can undoubtedly help boost your career in multiple ways by 2023.

Develop Strong Communication Skills

In small ways, learning to be an active listener, using positive language in both spoken and written words, and honing your negotiation skills are all helpful in exerting your influence and presenting ideas.

In big ways, communicating with clarity and confidence, developing social media savvy, and becoming a public speaker are invaluable measures to get an edge in the workplace.

Every day, as technology and the global environment progresses, having constant and clear conversations is the stepping stone to building bridges in the workplace. As the change of the decade brings new possibilities, refining your communication skills will take your career to new heights.

Seek Mentorship

A mentor maybe someone in your current job role that you can look up to and learn from. It can be a colleague from outside of your organization that can help you broaden your network. They can be someone in a completely different industry who can offer unique perspectives and advice.

With the right mentor, you can do the following:

  • learn from their experience
  • build meaningful relationships
  • explore new opportunities

Take note that having a mentor or being open to a mentor promises more growth to your skills and knowledge.

Embrace Technology and Adapt to Digital Tools

Embracing technology and adapting to digital tools is a crucial step to:

  • improve efficiency
  • broaden our skillset
  • stay ahead of the competition

Small steps can include:

  • familiarizing with the newest technologies
  • continually honing our technical skills
  • paying attention to industry trends

These should be taken to stay informed. In addition, take courses on the following:

  • digital marketing
  • online networking
  • coding

These also can potentially be beneficial to advance your career. For big steps, utilizing technology to improve workflow, automating processes, and creating online networks to foster collaboration could increase our productivity.

Be Invested As You Advance Your Career

In 2023, it is important to start developing small and big ways to advance your career. Start by researching job postings, networking, and creating a portfolio that highlights your skills.

Taking these steps now will make an impact in the coming years. Invest in your career and your future now – unlock your potential for success!

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