Best Drug screening and drug testing service

Best Drug screening and drug testing service

The online division of the Nationwide Testing Association (NTA) is the leading source for drug-cleared drug test kits in the United States. We maintain strong relationships with the highest-quality suppliers of test kits. We strive to keep the inventory of selections we work with in stock, so we are always prepared to supply our customers throughout the United States.

Because we specialize in personalized service and speedy shipping, we're well-known for our professionalism. We aim to please you and are always happy to help you in whatever way we can. As an American Alternative Testing Association affiliate, we're honored to bring you our e-commerce platform alongside their 40 years of experience.

Types of Drug Tests available at

At, we offer multiple types of drug tests to meet the specific needs of each organization. Our most popular tests include the following:

  • Order Non regulated lab drug test
  • Order DOT drug test
  • CLIA Waived drug test
  • Urine drug test (Cup)
  • Urine drug test (Dip card)
  • Urine drug test (Cassette)
  • Saliva drug test
  • Nicotine

Types of Alcohol Tests at

Alcohol testing is essential for employers and individuals who need to screen for alcohol in their system. offers a comprehensive range of alcohol tests that make it easy to assess current levels of alcohol in the body accurately.

  • Order DOT breath alcohol test
  • Order a Non-regulated breath alcohol test
  • Breath alcohol
  • DOT approved device
  • Saliva alcohol
  • Alcohol Forms

Which lab services do I Drug Screen provide?

I Drug Screen ( is an industry-leading drug testing and lab service provider for businesses, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. With their comprehensive suite of services, they are dedicated to helping clients reduce expenses while ensuring the safety of their employees and patients. The lab services provided by I Drug Screen include:

  • Purchase A test
  • Workplace program (DOT and Non-DOT)
  • Confirmation Testing
  • Instant vs. lab-based tests
  • DOT drug testing program

Medical Suppliers providing I Drug Screen

I Drug Screen offers various products, from diagnostic tools and disposables to healthcare equipment and furniture, delivered to customers' doorsteps. The website also provides an extensive selection of apparel, such as lab coats and scrubs, which adhere to industry standards while providing comfort and safety at the same time. To ensure customers get what they need, the company provides detailed product descriptions with each item so that customers can confidently make informed decisions about their purchases.

Conclusion is one of the top drug screening and testing services available. They have a wide range of drug tests to suit customers' needs and utilize reliable, certified labs for accurate, efficient results. They also offer medical supplies for customers to purchase all the necessary products for drug tests easily. Lastly, I Drug Screen provides excellent customer service with knowledgeable staff willing to help answer any questions and provide guidance throughout your experience.


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