Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies from China

Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies from China

Gaze in awe as the China sheet metal fabrication industry leads companies that keep pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. They have all dedicated their time and effort to satisfy the customer's ever-evolving needs. That is manufacturing quality products, efficient assembly, and innovative designs. As a result, you can count on these companies to provide the best sheet metal fabrication services. For more, keep reading!

VASUCC Sheet Metal

VASUCC Sheet Metal provides custom sheet metal fabrication, assemblies, and customized electromechanical integration. As of 2023, its supply network comprises America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is established in northwest Shanghai in Yangzhou. Besides, VASUCC has been in the manufacturing business for an extended period due to its efficiency and versatility. VASUCC Sheet Metal began in 2002 by selling parts for spraying equipment. Eventually, it moved into sheet metal production in 2009. As such, it started utilizing CNC laser cutting, bending, and robotic equipment.

By 2021, the company will have grown to over 120 employees. This also included ISO 9001 quality system certification. Since then, they have provided sheet metal products and integrated electromechanical assembly to global clients. With their unbeatable quality and services, you can count on VASUCC Sheet Metal to take your products to new heights.

Again, VASUCC also guarantees that your product will be made to your exact specifications and with the utmost precision. With various industries served, such as telecom, electronics, medical, 3D printing, and automation, VASUCC Sheet Metal will surely have something for you.

Zhejiang Dongying

Nestling in Zhuji, China, Zhejiang sits on a sprawling 9000 sq meters of space. It's just 200 kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the Shanghai port. As a veteran supplier of personalized sheet metals, Zhejiang offers a holistic package. This includes everything from the concept to the drawing design, fabrication, assembling, packaging, and supply. They have been a major European and American sheet metal supplier for years. As such, they have established themselves as one of the most prestigious Chinese Sheet Metal product makers. Besides European destinations to suppliers such as HP or Otis, they also serve domestically.


Nagualmetal, a common acronym NPM Limited, debuted in 2001 and stands proud in Shenzhen, with a new factory in Dongguan boasting over 4,00 square meters and about 200 employees. As an industry leader, NPM Limited specializes in metal stamping, auto-turning, and CNC turning operations, as well as office equipment (printers, copiers, faxes, computers), mobile phone parts, automobile parts, precision motors, accurate hardware molds engineering, stamping, and electronic slice assemblage.

Also, NPM has a team of veteran engineers boasting powerful technical insight, robust management systems, and a collaborative, innovative mindset. As a result, NPM boasts the requisite skills and expertise to leave its customers in awe at every stage of the business relationship.

Basile Co., Ltd.

Basile was incorporated in 2010. Primarily its mission has been to deliver top-notch products. Their niche has always been CNC meticulous machining, sheet fabrication, and stamped parts. However, they still toil away to craft high-precision machined parts for autos, food handling, industrial, and petroleum departments.

Along with these comes a benefit to energy, aviation, and aerospace departments. To ensure quality, Japanese specialists and Italian technologists oversee the processes. Thus, BMT has earned a reputation for high-worth products from CNC machining, sheet metal, and stamped parts with excellent efficiency and accuracy.

Dalian Youyibai

Dalian, or as you may have known it before, Jiamei Electromechanical, which was founded in 2002. Its emergence has proven it to be a professional in sheet metal manufacturing. Dalian sits on expansive 2600-square-meter premises, which house a magnificent 1500-square-meter building.

Their expert team of 32 employees is the driving force behind their innovative designs, efficient production, and exceptional management. Coming on CNC, they are equipped with a laser, super-speed hydraulic punches, benders, and welding robots. As for the supply network, they are now supplying to Singapore, Germany, and the UK.


Despite the stiff competition, VASUCC Sheet Metal remains excellent in custom sheet metal fabrication. And they kill all doubts with ISO 9001-certified quality system. Again, their advanced CNC laser cutting, bending, and robotic equipment produces sheet metal components with the utmost precision.

Let alone, they can customize to meet the needs of their global clients. With an experienced team of engineers and an extensive portfolio of industries served, VASUCC Sheet Metal is the perfect partner for all your sheet metal fabrication needs.


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