What are Difference between Axon and Dendrites

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the main difference between Axon and Dendrites. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Axon and Dendrites

1. Axons are found single per neuron. Dendrites are usually found many per neuron.

2. Axon arises from a conical projection, the axon hillock, from the discharging end of a neuron. Dendrite arises directly from the receiving surface of the neuron.

3. Axon are very long (may be several meters) and of uniform diameter (0.25 -over 10 mm). Dendrites are very short(generally under 1.5 mm) and tapering.

4. Axon is branched at the distal end only. Dendrites much branched, practically all along.

5. With axons, terminal branches enlarged to form synaptic knobs at the tips. Dendrites have no knobs at the tips of the branches.

6. Axon has neurotransmitter containing vesicles in the knobs. Dendrites do not have such vesicles anywhere.

7. Axon conduct impulses away from the cyton. Dendrites conduct impulses towards the cyton.


Difference between Dendrites vs Axon

Axon vs Dendrites

Differences between Dendrites vs Axon