Difference between Bacteria and Yeast

Difference between Bacteria and Yeast

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between bacteria and yeast. Comparison and Differences.


Bacteria make up the largest group of microorganisms. People often think of them only as germs and the harm they do. Actually, only a small number of bacteria types are pathogenic (disease causing). Most are harmless and many are helpful. There are thousands of different kinds of bacteria. Some differ only slightly and it takes a highly trained person to identify them. There are also groups which differ greatly in growth habits and appearance and are quite easily identified.

Bacteria are unicellular organisms, present everywhere in the biosphere (air, soil, water). All bacteria have a cell wall (peptidoglycan), cell membrane, chromosomesfound in nucleoid(DNA), ribosomes and an internal cytoplasm. They usually have a plasmid (small DNA separate from chromosomal DNA). Some also have a capsule (additional layer for protection) and flagella (movement).


Yeasts are small, single-celled plants. They are members of the family fungi (singular, fungus), which also includes mushrooms. Fungi differ from other plants in that they have no chlorophyll. Bacteria thrive on many different types of food. But most yeasts can live only on sugars and starches. From these, they produce carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. Thus, they have been useful to man for centuries in the production of certain foods and beverages. They are responsible for the rising of bread dough and the fermentation of wines, whiskey, brandy and beer. They also play the initial role in the production of vinegar. Unlike bacteria, which multiply by binary fission, yeasts reproduce by a method called budding.

Difference between Bacteria and Yeast

1. Bacteria can be harmful as well as useful. Yeast is useful.

2. Bacteria can be in our small intestine. Yeast can be found in our small intestine.

3. Bacteria is not a fungus. Yeast is a fungus.

Difference between bacteria and yeast


Difference between Yeast vs Bacteria

Bacteria vs Yeast

Differences between Yeast vs Bacteria

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