Difference between Advertising and Personal Selling

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Advertising and Personal Selling. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Advertising and Personal Selling

1. Advertising is an impersonal form of communication. Personal Selling is a personal form of communication.

2. Advertising reaches out to masses, i.e. a large number of people can be approached at the same time. In personal selling, only a limited number of people can be contacted.

3. In advertising, the cost per person of reaching is very low. In Personal Selling case, the cost per person is very high.

4. Advertising makes use of mass media such as TV, radio, newspaper, etc. Personal Selling makes use of salesperson to contact the prospective buyer.

5. Advertising is inflexible as the message delivered cannot be adjusted to the buyers need. Personal Selling is flexible as the sales presentation can be adjusted to fit customers needs.

6. Advertising can cover wide market in short time. Personal Selling takes a lot of time to cover the entire market.

7. In advertising, the message of the advertiser is standardised. In Personal Selling, message of the salesman is adjusted according to the customers needs.

8. Advertising lacks direct feedback from the customers. Personal Selling provides direct and immediate feedback from the customers.

9. Advertising helps in creating interest of consumer in the firms product. Personal Selling helps in the process of decision-making by a consumer.

10. Advertising is useful to ultimate consumers by creating awareness about products. Personal Selling is more useful to intermediaries like traders and retailers.


Difference between Personal Selling vs Advertising

Advertising vs Personal Selling

Differences between Personal Selling vs Advertising

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