Difference between Boring and Reaming

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Boring and Reaming. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Boring and Reaming

S.No. Boring Reaming
1 Boring is performed to enlarge the diameter of an existing hole. Reaming is performed to finish hole surfaces and to improve tolerance.
2 Cutting tool used for boring is known as boring bar. Cutting tool used for reaming is called reamer.
3 Boring can increase diameter of an existing hole but not length. Neither diameter nor length can be increased substantially by reaming.
4 Boring bar is a single point cutting tool. Reamer is a multi-point cutting tool.
5 Surface quality is lower than Reaming. Reaming produces highly finished surface.
6 A pre-drilled hole (or a hollow portion made by casting) is mandatory for performing boring. Similar to boring, reaming can be performed only if a hollow part or hole exists.
7 Has High MRR. MRR is poor; in fact, MRR is not an issue in reaming.

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Difference between Reaming vs Boring

Boring vs Reaming

Differences between Reaming vs Boring

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