Difference between Cold and Hot Extrusion

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Cold and Hot Extrusion. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Cold and Hot Extrusion

S.No. Cold Extrusion Hot Extrusion
1 Better surface finish and lack of oxide layers. Surface is coated with oxide layers. Surface finish not comparable with cold extrusion.
2 Imprord mechanical properties due to strain hardening. Since processing is done hot recrystallisation takes place.
3 Good control of dimensional tolerance; no machining or very little machining required. Dimensional control not comparable with cold extrusion products.
4 High production rates at low cost. Fit for individual component production. High production rates but process fit for hulk material, not individual components.
5 Tooling subjected to high stresses. Tooling subjected to high stresses as well as to high temperature. Tooling stresses are however lower than for cold extrusion.
6 Lubrication is crucial. Lubrication is crucial.


Difference between Hot Extrusion vs Cold

Cold vs Hot Extrusion

Differences between Hot Extrusion vs Cold

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