What are Difference between Crocodiles and Alligators

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Difference between Crocodiles and Alligators

1. Crocodile has tan or greenish gray skin whereas Alligators have dark gray or black color.

2. When the mouth of the Crocodile is closed, both the top and teeth are visible. When the mouth of Alligator is closed, only the top teeth are visible.

3. Crocodile has a narrow head and a long snout. Alligator has a wide head and wide "U" shaped snout.

4. Crocodile has a sensor pits all over the body. Alligator has a sensor pits only on the head.

5. Crocodile lays about 50 eggs whereas Alligator lays about 45 eggs.

6. Crocodile builds a nest under the ground whereas Alligator builds a nest above the ground.

7. Crocodiles are generally found in countries of North American, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Alligators are generally found in countries of North America and Eastern China.

  Similarities between Alligators and Crocodiles  

Similarities between Alligator and Crocodile

The alligator and the crocodile share many characteristics and are easily confused. Both have long, powerful bodies carried close to the ground on their short legs. Their tails have lots of strong muscles to help them swim; they also use them as weapons to defend themselves. Their thick scaly hides also help protect them from the attacks of other animals. Both have long jaws that are lined with sharp teeth to grab prey. Their eyes, ears, and nostrils are located on the tops of their heads so that they may hide under water but still be able to see, breathe and hear above the surface of the water.

Alligators and crocodiles both lay eggs; mother crocodiles and alligators usually carry their newly hatched young to the water by carrying them in their mouths. Both alligators and crocodiles eat small animals such as reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, and mammals. Sometimes they catch larger animals but they cannot swallow them whole.

How can you tell an alligator from a crocodile? An alligator has a rounded snout at the end of its face; the crocodile's face is pointed. When an alligator is grown up, you cannot see any of its teeth when its mouth is closed; you can see the crocodile's fourth tooth on either side of its jaw when its mouth is closed. In other words, you can "C" the crocodile's teeth!


Difference between Alligators vs Crocodiles

Crocodiles vs Alligators

Differences between Alligators vs Crocodiles