Difference between Drying and Dehydration

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Drying and Dehydration. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Drying and Dehydration

S.No. Drying Dehydration
1 Drying is a natural process. Dehydration is a artificial process.
2 It does not have any control over climatic conditions. It have a control over climatic conditions.
3 Dried product does not have good quality. Dried product have good quality.
4 More space is required for drying. Less space is required because it occurs within chamber.
5 Contamination from dust, insects & birds are major problem. Sanitary conditions are controlled within a dehydration process.
6 It is less expensive. It is more expensive.


Difference between Dehydration vs Drying

Drying vs Dehydration

Differences between Dehydration vs Drying

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