Difference between Flying Ants and Flying Termites

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Flying Ants and Flying Termites. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Flying Ants and Termites

Both termites and ants are able to swarm and may have wings during part of their lives. Since these insects are close to the same size, people often misidentify flying ants as termites. Because flying ants do not attack dry wooden structures like termites, it is helpful to be able to tell the difference.

Fortunately, there are several differences that can easily distinguish between the two. For example, ants have a thin waist; the waist of a termite is thick. Also, ants antennae are elbowed, while termites are straight. Thirdly, termites have two pairs of wings that are of equal length. Ants also have two pairs of wings, but theirs are of unequal length.

Flying Ants and Termites

What does a flying termite look like?

Flying termites differ in appearance from other flying insects and can be identified by examining them closely. They have two antennae which are often straight with a slight curve and have two sets of wings which are equal in length and white and translucent in color with vein like structures. Termites, in general, can be defined by their body shape. Both flying termites and wingless termites have a thick body made up of one part. Termites do not have a constriction between their thorax and abdomen like ants do.

Some Common Facts related to Flying Termites and Ants

  • Termites have smokey to brown wings while ants have transparent wings of equal length.
  • Termites tend to flutter in flight and drift with the wind as they are do not have very good flight control while ants have a lot of flight control and land and take off at will.
  • Termites are not white but their colour can vary from cream to black.
  • Termites wings will fall off when they land and look for a mate.


Difference between Flying Termites vs Flying Ants

Flying Ants vs Flying Termites

Differences between Flying Termites vs Flying Ants

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