Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Gelato and Ice Cream<. Comparison and Differences.

Gelato is a healthier alternative to ice cream and has less fat and less calories. Most of the manufacturing companies made gelato with natural ingredients, such as fresh fruits and natural flavors. The most common difference between the two is that Gelato is made with milk (Butter Fat: 0-9%) while Ice cream is made with cream (12-26%).


Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert that has very little air whipped into it and is made from a lower butterfat cream than most super premium ice creams; super premium ice creams contain 12-18% fat vs. gelatos 7%. This type of frozen dessert can be purchased fresh from specialty shops, such as ice-cream parlors in the U.S. and gelaterias in Italy. Italy has the highest per capita ice cream consumption amongst EU countries.

Composition of Gelato

Gelato varies significantly by region in Italy: In the south, gelato is made with milk and no egg yolks. In central Italy, it is made from a milk and egg custard, while in the north; it is very rich due to the use of cream and eggs. The one attribute that all the gelati have in common is the use of little or no overrun, the air that is whipped into traditional American ice creams to give it a lighter texture. As a result, gelato is denser than American ice cream, and this density produces a more heightened flavor. The smooth, soft texture of a gelato, as well as the high flavor characteristic, provides attributes that are desired by consumers. One thing gelato is noted for, is its intensity of flavor; the main difference between American ice cream and gelato. American-style ice cream emphasizes body, texture, and particulates; gelato emphasizes flavor.

Ice Cream

A frozen food made from a mixture of dairy ingredients containing at least 10% milk fat, before the addition of bulky ingredients, and must weigh a minimum of 4.5 to the gallon. Over the past 10 years ice cream consumption in the U.S has remained stable. Americans, on average, have been eating a little less ice cream overall but more of the higher priced, higher milk fat premium and super premium ice creams as well as frozen yogurt and other frozen dairy products. More than 90% of all U.S. households consume ice cream, and consumes more than 1.6 billion gallons of it.

Types of Ice Cream

1. Super premium ice cream: A marketing term, tends to have very low overrun, high fat content (14-16% butterfat, an overrun of up to 70%, contains stabilizers), and the manufacturer uses the best-quality ingredients.

2. Premium ice cream: a marketing term, tends to have low overrun and higher fat content than regular ice cream (at least 12 percent butterfat in the mix), and the manufacturer uses higher-quality ingredients.

3. Regular ice cream: a marketing term, meets the overrun required for the federal ice cream standard.

Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

S.No. Gelato Ice Cream
1 It is a kind of Ice cream made in an Italian style. It is a sweet, frozen food, eaten as a snack or dessert.
2 It has a low-fat content. It has a high-fat content.
3 Uses more milk in preparation. Uses less milk in preparation.
4 More creamy, silky, dense and smooth. Less creamy, silky, dense and smooth.
5 Has less air churned into it. Has more air churned in it.
6 Rarely uses egg yolks. Often uses egg yolks.
7 It is served at a warmer temperature than Ice cream. Comparatively, it is served at a cooler temperature.


Difference between Ice Cream vs Difference Between Gelato

Difference Between Gelato vs Ice Cream

Differences between Ice Cream vs Difference Between Gelato

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