Difference between Generator and Alternator

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The device that generates ac or dc current through mechanical power is called a generator. There are different types of generators like ac generator, dc generator, induction generator and synchronous generator. The electrical device that transforms mechanical power in the alternating current is called an alternator. An alternator can generate only ac current.

Difference between Generator and Alternator

S.No. Generator Alternator
1 Converts mechanical energy to AC or DC electrical energy. Converts mechanical energy to AC electrical energy.
2 In the Generator, armature is rotating while field is stationary. In the Alternator, field is rotating while armature is stationary.
3 Takes input supply from rotar. Takes input supply from stator.
4 Generators are of two types: Ac Generator and DC Generator. Alternators are of one type only AC.
5 Has less efficiency. Has more efficiency.
6 DC Generator has commutator mechanism. Alternator has not any commutator mechanism.
7 Less rpm. More rpm.
8 Generator has always small output rating. Alternator has large output rating.
9 Lower brush durability. Higher brush durability.
10 Polarization is required after installation. No post-installation polarization is required.


Difference between Alternator vs Generator

Generator vs Alternator

Differences between Alternator vs Generator

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