Similarities & Difference Between Hurricane and Tornado

Similarities & Difference Between Hurricane and Tornado

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what are the similarities & difference between Hurricane and Tornado. Comparison and Differences:

Hurricanes and tornadoes are very similar disasters. They are almost the same, just one is on land and one is on water. Hurricanes are big and easy to track down. Tornadoes are smaller and harder to track down. Both tornadoes and hurricanes spin really fast. Hurricanes can last over a week. A tornadoes can last at most 20 minutes. There is a tornado alley and a hurricane alley. Tornado alley is in the United States. Hurricane alley is in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes and tornadoes are both very similar and different in many ways.

Difference between Hurricane and Tornado

S.No. Hurricanes Tornado
1 Hurricanes occur in or near water; generally form over warm water. Tornadoes can happen away from large bodies of water; generally form over land.
2 Predictable. Hurricanes can be predicted more ahead of time than tornadoes. Unpredicatble and fast. Tornadoes can touch down very quickely, sometimes without as much warnings as Hurricanes.
3 Can be several hundred miles wide. Usually no more than half a mile wide.
4 Winds are less stronger, travel with a speed of 180 mph. Winds are more stronger, may travel up to the speed of 300 mph.
5 Usually last up to 3 weeks. Usually last no more than an hour.
6 In hurricanes, greater damage comes from strom surges and flooding. In tornadoes, greater damage comes from the blow of winds.
7 They are called hurricanes only when they occur on the Atlantic ocean, on the Pacific they are known as Typhoons and on the Indian Ocean they are called cyclones. Tornadoes are typically identified as a funel of spiralling air descending from the base of clouds to the earth.

Similarities between Hurricanes and Tornadoes

1. Both are storms.

2. Both hurricanes and Tornadoes spin.

3. Hurricanes and Tornadoes both can cause major damage.

4. Peoples are alerted by watches or warnings that the storm can or will occur.

5. Both have high wind gusts.


Similarities & Difference Between Hurricane and Tornado

Similarities between Tornado and Similarities & Difference Between Hurricane

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