Difference between Jig and Fixture

Difference between Jig and Fixture

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Jig and Fixture. Comparison and Differences.

The main construction difference between a jig and a fixture is mass. Because of the increased tool forces, fixtures are built stronger and heavier than a jig would be for the same part. They are made basically the same way as far as locators and positioners are concerned.

Differences between Jig and Fixture

S.No. Jig Fixture
1 A jig holds, locates as well as guide the tool. A fixture holds and position the work but does not guide the tool.
2 Jigs are lighter in weight. Fixtures are heavier in construction.
3 Clamping the jig with work table is not required. Fixtures are bolted rigidly with the work table.
4 Jigs are used for holding the work and guiding the tool in drilling, reaming or tapping. Fixtures are used to holding the work in milling, grinding, planning operations.
5 Jigs come in direct contact with the cutting tool. Fixtures never come in contact with the cutting tool.
6 Drill bushes used for tool guiding. Feeler gauges, setting blocks to adjust position of tool in relation to work.


Difference between Fixture vs Jig

Jig vs Fixture

Differences between Fixture vs Jig

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