What are Difference between Lab and Workshop

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Lab and Workshop. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Lab and Workshop

Workshops are extremely useful learning environments. Unlike a lab, they do not allow you to test a change in context and experience the risks associated with this change. A number of other key differences are:

1. Labs are generally in the institute premises, school, college, and training centers. A workshop can take place anywhere.

2. Labs involve the people with experience of working or living to explore the context. A workshop, on the other hand, can involve anyone.

3. We follow course curriculum in labs with a  contextual issue. There are certain themes to conduct workshops and share information and knowledge on a subject within a limited time.

4. In Labs, we test or experiment something. We create a workshop to learn something.

5. Labs focus on experiential learning. The workshop focuses on cognitive understanding.

6. In labs, there is no ‘one’ facilitator whereas workshop is facilitated.

7. The group decides what to test in the Lab. For the workshop, the facilitator usually decides what you do.

8. Labs need to be designed to accommodate context, cultures, knowledge, and experiences of participants. Workshop repeats with little or no changes in the design and context.


Difference between Workshop vs Lab

Lab vs Workshop

Differences between Workshop vs Lab