Difference between Mountain and Plateau

Difference between Mountain and Plateau

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Mountain and Plateau. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Mountain and Plateau

S.No. Mountain Plateau
1 Mountains are large natural elevations with steep slopes. It is an highland area. Plateaus are elevated flatlands with steep sides. It is elevated area.
2 Mountains cover 25% of the land surface. Plateaus cover 45% of the land surface.
3 The climate in the mountains is very cold. The climate in the plateau region is dry and moderate in nature.
4 Mountainous areas are not suitable for farming. Comparatively, plateaus are suitable for farming.
5 Mountains are comparatively less rich in minerals. Plateaus are rich in rich in minerals.
6 Mountainous rivers are perennial. Rivers of plateau regions are seasonal.
7 Valleys in this region are narrow and deep. Valleys in this region are broad and shallow.
8 It has folds and a small summit. It is flat-topped table land with abroad summit.
9 The Mount Everest is the highest mountain of the world. Tibet has the highest and the largest plateus of the world.


Difference between Plateau vs Mountain

Mountain vs Plateau

Differences between Plateau vs Mountain

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