Difference between Prism and Pyramid

Difference between Prism and Pyramid

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Prism and Pyramid. Comparison and Differences.

A prism is a polyhedron with parallel congruent polygon bases and sides made of parallelograms. A pyramid is a polyhedron whose base is a polygon of any number of sides and whose lateral faces are triangles with a common vertex.

Difference between Prism and Pyramid

S.No. Prisms Pyramids
1 A prism has two ends that are exactly the same size and shape. A pyramid has triangular sides which meet at one point called a vertex.
2 Prism has two opposite ends that are parallel to each other. The base of pyramid is a flat surface and can be either square or triangular.
3 Solids whose top and bottom surfaces are congurent. Solid with a pointed top.
4 Has 2 congurent bases. Has 1 base.
5 Examples: Dice, Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder. Examples: Cone.


Difference between Pyramid vs Prism

Prism vs Pyramid

Differences between Pyramid vs Prism

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