Difference between QPSK and QASK

Difference between QPSK and QASK

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between QPSK and QASK modulation techniques. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between QPSK and QASK Modulation Techniques

S.No. Parameter QPSK Modulation QASK Modulation
1 Modulation Type Quadrature phase moduation Quadrature amplitude and phase moduation
2 Location of Signal Points On the circumference of the circle Equally spaces and placed symetrically about region
3 Noise Immunity Better than QASK Poorer than QPSK
4 Probability of Error Less than QASK More than QPSK
5 System Complexity Less complex More complex
6 Distance between the signal points d = 2 sqrt(Eb) for N = 2 d = 2 sqrt(0.4 * Eb) for N = 2 or M = 16


Difference between QASK vs QPSK


Differences between QASK vs QPSK

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