Difference between Taiga and Tundra Climate

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Taiga and Tundra Climate. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Taiga and Tundra Climate

1. Taiga climate extends in the sub polar belt of North America and Eurasia (55° to 66.5° north). Tundra Climate extends beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circle (66.5° to the poles).

2. Taiga climate is a belt of coniferous forest, Example Pine & Fir. Tundra Climate have no trees, only lowest form of vegetation like Mosses and lichens.

3. In Taiga climate, winters are long and cold and summers are short and warm. In tundra climate, the winters are very long and severe and summers are very short and warm.

4. Taiga climate is the land of fur bearing animals, e.g., mink, silver fox, squirrel, etc. Tundra climate is the land with few animals like polar bear, reindeer(eat reindeer moss), and walrus.

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Difference between Tundra Climate vs Taiga

Taiga vs Tundra Climate

Differences between Tundra Climate vs Taiga

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