Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes. Comparison and Differences.

Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes

1. Yams are classified under different genera of Dioscorea/ Dioscoreaceae family. It consists of more than 600 varieties, and major cultivated species include; Dioscorea, rotundata and D. cayenensis, alata, opposite, bulbifera, esculenta, dumetorum, trifida. Sweet potatoes belong to the family Convolvulaceae and its botanical name is Ipomoea batatas. It consists of 50 genera and more than 1,000 species.

2. Yams are monocotyledonous plants. Sweet potatoes are dicotyledonous plants.

3. Yams are inborn to Africa and Asia. Sweet potatoes are inborn to tropical regions in the Americas.

4. In Yams, Tuber, and immature leaves and shoots of some varieties are edible. In Sweet potatoes, Roots and immature leaves and shoots are edible.

5. Yams have a rough and scaly appearance. Sweet potatoes have a smooth appearance with a thin skin.

6. Yams often have a dark brown to light pink color. Sweet potatoes has peel in yellow, orange, red, brown, purple or beige color.

7. The shape of Yams is long, cylindrical, some have “toes”. The shape sweet potato is short, blocky, with tapered ends.

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Difference between Sweet Potatoes vs Difference Between Yams

Difference Between Yams vs Sweet Potatoes

Differences between Sweet Potatoes vs Difference Between Yams

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