Similarities and Difference between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer. Similarities, Comparison and Differences.


Spectrophotometers are instrument for measuring the wavelength-dependent transmittance or reflectance of solutions or solid objects. They can be used, for example, for objectively accessing the color of the objects or for determining concentrations of certain substances in the solution.


Colorimetry is the use of the human eye to determine the concentration of colored species.


Spectrophotomery is the use of instruments to make the same measurements. It extends the range of possible measurements beyond those that can be determined by the eye alone.

Difference between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

S.No. Colorimeter Spectrophotometer
1 Colorimeter is the general type. Spectrophotometer is the specific type.
2 Colorimeter utilizes a three color source (Red, green, and blue) generated by either a color wheel with colored filters or, sets of specially designed LEDs. Spectrophotometer utilizes either a diffraction grating or prism in the sensor.
3 Limited to the visible light only with wavelength 400-700 nm. Can be extended to x ray, UV light, infrared and radio frequencies.
4 Cheap. Very costly.
5 Less sensitive. More sensitive.
6 Glass are used. Prism are used.
7 Tungsten lamps are used. Halogen lamps are used.
8 Cant use specific filter. Can use specific filter.

Similarities between Spectrophotometer and Colorimeter

1. Both of them measure color and intensity of color through light.

2. Basic method of operation is similar for all instruments.


Similarities and Difference between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

Similarities between Difference between Colorimeter and Similarities

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