Difference between LPG and Wood as a Fuel

Difference between LPG and Wood as a Fuel

Differentiate, distinguish, compare and explain what is the main difference between LPG and Wood as a fuel. Comparison and Differences.

For centuries, wood was used as domestic and industrial fuel. But now it has been replaced by coal and other fuels like LPG. In many rural parts of our country, people still use wood as a fuel because of its easy availability and low cost. However, burning of wood gives a lot of smoke which is very harmful for human beings. It causes respiratory problem. Also, trees provide us with useful substances which are lost when wood is used as fuel. Moreover cutting of trees leads to deforestation which is quite harmful to the environment. LPG is better domestic fuel than wood as it does not produce smoke and un-burnt carbon particle, which causes respiratory problems. Lets see some of the difference between LPG and wood as a fuel here:

Difference between LPG and wood as a fuel

1. Wood produces lot of smoke that can cause respiratory problems. LPG is a liquefied form of petroleum gas and does not give out smoke and other pollutants and is a cleaner fuel.

2. Also, wood is obtained from trees. Thus, using wood as a fuel causes deforestation. There is no harm to environment with the use of LBG.

3. Fuel efficiency of LPG is more than that of wood. The calorific value of LPG is 55000 kJ/kg, while that of wood is between 17000 to 22000 kJ/kg. Hence, LPG is favoured over wood.


Difference between Wood as a Fuel vs LPG

LPG vs Wood as a Fuel

Differences between Wood as a Fuel vs LPG

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