Difference between OCR and OMR

Difference between OCR and OMR

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between OCR and OMR. Comparison and Differences.

Integrated Data Capture Techniques

Eyes and Hands incorporate several different techniques to capture and interpret the information present on forms.

OMR - Optical Mark Recognition

The OMR technique is used to detect marks made within a box or a certain area on the form.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

From many years, the most common use of these term is to denote automatic data capture of any type of character. However, recently OCR has become increasingly synonymous with the automatic data capture of machine-printed characters.

ICR- Image Character Recognition

The term ICR is an acronym for Intelligent Character Recognition. It represents the latest character recognition techniques. For example, feature analysis using neural networks. It’s a major breakthrough in the difficult task of interpreting handwritten characters.

Bar Code

Eyes & hands can interpret the most common types of barcodes.

Difference between OCR and OMR

1. OCR extracts image data from a scanned document. Whereas, OMR extracts data from specially prepared data collection form.

2. In OCR, text produced is not always accurate especially if the original document has smudged text. In OMR, forms can only be read accurately if marks are nicely filled.

3. OCR is much suitable for people with visual impairments. They can use text to speech software. In contrast, OMR is an extremely fast method of input data as it only requires to detect marks.


Difference between OMR vs OCR


Differences between OMR vs OCR

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