Difference between RAM and ROM Memory

Difference between RAM and ROM Memory

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between RAM and ROM Memory. Comparison and Differences.

Computer Memory

Memory is an essential element of a computer. Without its memory, a computer is of hardly any use. Memory plays an important role in saving and retrieving data. The performance of the computer system depends upon the size of the memory. Memory is of following types:

1. Primary Memory / Volatile Memory.
2. Secondary Memory / Non Volatile Memory.

Primary Memory / Volatile Memory

Primary Memory is internal memory of the computer. RAM AND ROM both form part of primary memory. The primary memory provides main working space to the computer. The following terms comes under primary memory of a computer are discussed below:

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The primary storage is referred to as random access memory (RAM) because it is possible to randomly select and use any location of the memory directly store and retrieve data. It takes same time to any address of the memory as the first address. It is also called read/write memory. The storage of data and instructions inside the primary storage is temporary. It disappears from RAM as soon as the power to the computer is switched off. The memories, which lose their content on failure of power supply, are known as volatile memories .So now we can say that RAM is volatile memory.

Read Only Memory (ROM)

There is another memory in computer, which is called Read Only Memory (ROM). Again it is the ICs inside the PC that form the ROM. The storage of program and data in the ROM is permanent. The ROM stores some standard processing programs supplied by the manufacturers to operate the personal computer. The ROM can only be read by the CPU but it cannot be changed. The basic input/output program is stored in the ROM that examines and initializes various equipment attached to the PC when the power switch is ON. The memories, which do not lose their content on failure of power supply, are known as non-volatile memories. ROM is non-volatile memory.

Difference between RAM and ROM Memory

1. RAM can store data and information during and after processing. Data and Program are stored by manufacturer in ROM.

2. RAM stores information temporarily while ROM stores information permanently.

3. Processing time of RAM is very fast but uses a lot of power. Processing time of ROM is fast but uses very little power.

4. RAM is volatile. ROM is non-volatile.


Difference between ROM Memory vs RAM

RAM vs ROM Memory

Differences between ROM Memory vs RAM

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