Difference between Volatile Memory and Non Volatile Memory

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Volatile and Non Volatile Memory. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Volatile Memory and Non Volatile Memory

S.No. Volatile Memory Non Volatile Memory
1 Volatile memory is the type of memory where data is lost when power is turned off. Non Volatile Memory is a type of memory where the data is not lost when a computer is switched off.
2 Data is temporarily stored in volatile memory. Data is permanently stored in non volatile memory.
3 Data and programs that are currently fetch by CPU are stored in Volatile memory. Any kind of data and programs are stored in Non Volatile memory.
4 CPU has direct access to data. CPU has no direct access to data.
5 Process can read and write. Process can only read.
6 It is faster than non-volatile memory. It is slower than volatile memory.
7 It has less storage capacity. It has more storage capacity than volatile memory.
8 It has a high impact on the systems performance. It has a high impact on a systems storage capacity.
9 Data can be easily transferred. Data can not be easily transferred.
10 Examples : RAM and Cache Memory. Examples: ROM and Hard Disk Drive.
11 It is more costly per unit size. It is less costly per unit size.


Difference between Non Volatile Memory vs Volatile Memory

Volatile Memory vs Non Volatile Memory

Differences between Non Volatile Memory vs Volatile Memory

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