Difference between Weather and Climate

Difference between Weather and Climate

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Weather and Climate. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Weather and Climate

1. Weather describes the atmospheric conditions in a particular place at a particular time. Example: today it is hot in New York. Climate refers to atmospheric conditions that exist in a region over a long period of time. Example: the Mediterranean climate is mild.

2. Weather refers for a short period of time and for a short term change in the atmosphere. Climate refers for a long period of time and for a long term weather pattern of a particular area.

3. Weather refers to daily conditions, including temperature and rainfall. Climate refers to average weather over a long period.

4. Weather can change very rapidly from day to day, and from year to year and changes involve shifts in temperatures, precipitation, winds, and clouds.

Climate is influenced by:
Slow changes in the Ocean.
Changes in the Land.
Changes in the orbit of the Earth about the Sun.
In the energy output of the Sun.

Fundamentally, the climate is controlled by the balance of energy of the Earth and its atmosphere.


Difference between Climate vs Weather

Weather vs Climate

Differences between Climate vs Weather

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