Differences between Anemophilous and Entomophilous Flowers

Differences between Anemophilous and Entomophilous Flowers

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between differences between Anemophilous and Entomophilous Flowers. Comparison and Difference.

Differences between Anemophilous and Entomophilous Flowers

1. Anemophilous flowers are small. Entomophilous flowers are either large or if small they are grouped to form a large mass.

2. Anemophilous flowers are inconspicuous due to the absence of bright colours.

2. The flowers are usually gaudy due to the presence of bright colours in corolla, sepals, bracts, etc.

3. Anemophilous are odourless while in Entomophilous flowers odour is commonly present.

4. Anemophilous flowers are devoid of nectar and edible pollen. Entomophilous flowers usually possess nectar or edible pollen.

5. Sepals and petals are either indistinguishable or absent in Anemophilous flower while Sepals and petals are commonly well developed in Entomophilous flower.

6. Anthers are usually exserted in Anemophilous. In Entomophilous, Anthers are inserted except when they are modified to attract insects or prevent self pollination.

7. In Anemophilous, Pollen grains are produced in very large number. In Entomophilous, they are fewer in number.


Difference between Entomophilous Flowers vs Anemophilous

Anemophilous vs Entomophilous Flowers

Differences between Entomophilous Flowers vs Anemophilous

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