What are Differences between Animal and Plant Cell

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Animal and Plant cell for kids to be asked in class 8 and class 9. Comparison and Difference.

Differences between Animal and Plant Cell

1. In animal cell, cell wall is absent and cellulose in any form is also absent. In plant cell, cellulose and cell wall is present in plant cells.

2. Cytoplasm is denser, more granular and occupies most of the space in the animal cell. Cytoplasm is pushed to the periphery and forms a thin lining against the plant cell wall.

3. In the first, vacuoles is absent. If present, they are small, temporary and concerned with excretion or secretion. In the second, vacuoles are large and prominent. It maybe one or more.

4. In animal cell, plastics are absent whereas in plant cell plastics are generally present.

5. In animal cell, centrosome is present with one or two centrioles. In plant cell, centrosome is absent but two small clear areas called polar caps are present. These participate in cell division.

6. Animal cell are prominent and highly complex and Golgi bodies are present near the nucleus. In plant cell, several sub units of Golgi apparatus called dictyosomes present.

7. Reserve food stored in the form of glycogen in the first. Reserve food stored in the form of starch in the second.


Difference between Plant Cell vs Animal

Animal vs Plant Cell

Differences between Plant Cell vs Animal