Differences between Coleoptile and Coleurhiza

Differences between Coleoptile and Coleurhiza

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between Coleoptile and Coleurhiza. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Coleoptile and Coleurhiza

1. The epicotyl bearing shoot apex and leaf primordia is enclosed in a foliar structure called coleoptile. The radicle and root cap are enclosed in a sheath called coleorhiza.

2. Coleoptile has a terminal pore for the emergence of first leaf. Coleorhiza is a solid structure.

3. Coleoptile protects the plumule during emergence from soil. Coleorhiza does not protect the radicle during its passage into the soil.

4. Coleoptile grows much beyond the grain. After emergence from grain Coleurhiza stops growing.

5. Coleoptile after emergence from soil during germination, becomes green and does photosynthesis. Coleorhiza does not come out of soil, it remains nongreen.


Difference between Coleurhiza vs Coleoptile

Coleoptile vs Coleurhiza

Differences between Coleurhiza vs Coleoptile

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