What are Differences between Integument and Testa

Distinguish, Differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between Integument and Testa. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Integument and Testa

1. Integument is the covering of the ovule. Testa is outer covering of seed.

2. Integument is thin, one or two layered. Testa is quite thick and one layered.

3. Integument cells are living. Testa cells are dead.

4. Sclereids are absent in integument. Cells arc rich in selereids in testa.

5. Integument arises from chalaml end of ovule. Testa is derived from outer integument of ovule, after fertilization.

6. Integument is prefertilized structure. Testa is a post fertilized structure.


Difference between Testa vs Integument

Integument vs Testa

Differences between Testa vs Integument