What Kinds of Employment Opportunities are Available with a BA Degree?

What Kinds of Employment Opportunities are Available with a BA Degree?

The humanities or arts is one of the most popular fields of study in India, according to recent data from the All India Survey on Higher Education. Additionally, this bachelor's degree lays the groundwork for future goals and establishes the basis for deciding a student's career route.

But are you unsure about the range of job possibilities you can search for after earning a BA? In that regard, you can continue reading this blog as we attempt to compile the various job opportunities that you can receive as a result of attending the best BA colleges in India.

  Table of Contents:

   1.    Read about a Bachelor in Arts

   2.    What Sorts of Job Possibilities Are Open to Those with a BA Degree?

   3.    Best Bachelor of Arts College in India

   4.    Final Thoughts

   5.    FAQs

Read about a Bachelor in Arts

Bachelor of Arts is one of the most demanding programs that strive to give scholars a wide understanding of the social sciences as well as humanities through the several available specializations. However, depending on the area of attention, the best BA colleges in India develop a variety of skills in individuals such as general exploration, deep analysis, and communication. And, scholars interested in pursuing this course can look at the table below to get some of the associated important details:

Course Level Undergraduate
Duration 3 Years
Basic Academic Prerequisites ● Applicants need to complete their 10+2 from a recognized board of education.
● In maximum colleges, candidates are required to secure a minimum of 50% in their 12th examination
● A 5% relaxation is given to students belonging to SC, ST, or other reserved-category.
Admission Procedure Both Entrance and Merit-Based
Average Course Fee Ranges between INR 8,000 to 60,000
Popular BA Subjects Political Science, Economics, Public Administration, History, Sociology, Hindi, etc.
6 Resistors

What Sorts of Job Possibilities Are Open to Those with a BA Degree?

BA graduates are offered several opportunities in both the private and public sectors. However, the BA colleges in Jaipur offer many specializations and jobs in various fields such as advertising, law, broadcasting, public administration, professional writing, etc. Please see the following sections of our blog for more information.

Employment Opportunities in the Private Sectors

Countless career chances follow this degree, and individuals can either apply through various job sites or get opportunities via the best placement colleges in Jaipur. The following list includes some of the top job descriptions in the private sector:

Job Positions Responsibilities Average Salary (in INR)
Administrative Assistant An Administrative Assistant is in charge of handling the daily operations of an office, including taking calls, creating documents, filing paperwork, and managing the supervisor's daily schedule. 3.06 LPA
Press Reporter Press Reporters are members of the news media who are tasked with thoroughly investigating a story before reporting on it and appropriately presenting their findings. 2.20 LPA
Executive Assistant An Executive Assistant is a specialist in charge of managing the communications and meeting schedules of senior executives in a corporation. 5.19 LPA
Content Writer Content Writers provide written and visual materials that highlight the goods and services of an organization or serve as a source of information. However, these experts frequently conduct research before writing each article or product description to create content that accurately matches company ideals. 3 LPA

Employment Opportunities in the Government Sectors

For BA graduates, there are several job options in the government sector. Nevertheless, the best BA colleges in Jaipur provide the necessary preparation for competitive tests, which are necessary for employment chances in this field.

Job Profiles Description Average Salary (in INR)
PCS Officer A PCS Officer is a state government administrative employee who is in charge of carrying out legislative directives. 8 LPA
Office Assistant These experts are generally responsible for clerical tasks such as scheduling meetings, managing schedules, sending emails, etc. 2 LPA
IAS Officer IAS Officers are in charge of overseeing the implementation of government activities and policies. Moreover, such officers are responsible for responding to severe accidents, riots, and natural disasters under their jurisdiction. The coordination of the relief effort falls under their purview. 7.12 LPA
Relationship Manager The purpose of Relationship Managers is to improve relationships between companies and customers and facilitate communication. 3.50 LPA

Best Bachelor of Arts College in India

Established in the year 2000, Arya College is known as one of the best colleges offering undergraduate programs in Arts. Below are the factors that make it one of the prominent colleges in Jaipur

  • The college is known for the presence of its research and development centers and the course curriculum it follows is a perfect blend of theory and practical sessions.
  • Here you have the opportunity to enter real working life through industrial visits and training.
  • It is famous among prestigious colleges in Rajasthan for offering the best placement. Additionally, 95 recruiters have already visited the college's campus.
  • With modern infrastructure, transportation, hostels, and other amenities, it strives to create a progressive academic environment for students.

Final Thoughts

Overall, an arts degree gives you valuable transferable skills that can be applied in a variety of fields after graduation. While there exist a few traditional career opportunities for arts graduates, with innovations and opportunities, such degree holders have several other career opportunities in today's context. We hope our blog gives you an insight into the career options and different fields you can explore after graduating from the best BA colleges in India.


1. What are the three factors of a Bachelor of Arts degree?

A bachelor's degree in the arts is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary undergraduate degree that includes general education, elective, and major area of study courses. Hence, the best BA colleges in India are focused on following an analogous pattern and structure.

2. What are the different courses one can study following a BA degree?

A student can enroll for future courses such as:

  • MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
  • Masters of Arts (MA)
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, Management, Information Technology, Media, Film and Journalism, Human Resources, Photography, Hospitality Management, etc.

3. What is a BA in Sociology all about?

A BA in Sociology deals with the study of social inequality, religion, crime, popular culture, and sports. In addition, its curriculum is designed to show the nature of human life and the impact of various forms of social organization on human activity.

4. Which are among the popular BA specializations in India?

BA Economics and BA Political Science are considered the best options, and most of the BA colleges in India have high strengths for these two courses. However, these two courses offer graduates different job opportunities in multiple sectors.

5. Does Arya College Jaipur offer affiliate courses?

Yes, each course offered by Arya College is affiliated with Rajasthan Technical University, as well as approved by the AICTE. Moreover, it is specially listed among the NBA-accredited colleges in India.


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