Licenses for FIFA 23 include all of the newly confirmed leagues teams and stadiums

Licenses for FIFA 23 include all of the newly confirmed leagues teams and stadiums

EA and the difficulty of obtaining FIFA licenses go hand in hand, just as EA and the difficulty of overcoming the anti-gambling laws in Belgium do. Even though the publisher has lost the rights to use the FIFA name, there is one more game that will be released under the brand that we can look forward to playing. Has Electronic Arts been successful in signing new leagues, teams, and stadiums for the FIFA 23 game? Are we missing out on any content that was previously accessible? The answer to both questions is yes.

The official licensing is crucial to the success of the FIFA video game franchise. The ideal experience for gamers is to compete for the most illustrious trophies alongside their favorite players and teams, in the most storied arenas, and for the most prestigious players. Fans have reason to believe that additional licensing issues will not arise now that they are aware that EA has lost the rights to use the FIFA name and that FIFA 23 will be the final installment in the series.

These apprehensions are not totally without foundation. Some of the content that has become familiar to us through previous titles will no longer be available. There is, however, no need to freak out because there is sufficient new material to maintain the status quo. In the weeks leading up to the launch of FIFA 23, Electronic Arts has ratcheted up the anticipation by announcing a slew of officially licensed new stadiums, leagues, how to get FIFA 23 coins and teams. We can't guarantee that you'll be as excited as they want you to be; all we can guarantee are the facts about the licensing for FIFA 23.

All new leagues will be available in FIFA 23.

New to FIFA 23 are the English Barclays Super League, the French D1 Arkema, and the Italian Serie BKT. All three leagues are featured in the game. The fact that two of those simultaneously hold the title of being the first-ever women's club league to be featured in a FIFA content game comes as a pleasant surprise.

The Italian second division is the new men's league that we get, and while some fans are excited about it, others aren't as excited about it as they are about other leagues.

All of the new teams that will be available in FIFA 23

The most significant license announcement made for FIFA 23 was that Juventus, the most successful team in Serie A, would be returning to the game. Juventus had previously been tied to an exclusivity deal with KONAMI. Juventus and their Allianz Stadium are once again open for business to FIFA players now that they are no longer bound by that contract.

Celtic and Rangers, two of the most successful football clubs in Scotland, have both signed exclusive deals with EA, but neither of their stadiums—Parkhead or Ibrox—will be included in the game. James Bisgrove, who is the marketing director for the Rangers, initially stated that Ibrox was going to be scanned, but he quickly retracted his statement after realizing the rumor was spreading. It is impossible to determine whether he intentionally disclosed confidential information or simply failed to comprehend the terms of the contract he signed with EA. Just face scans of Rangers and Celtic Coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will be available in FIFA 23 for the time being; neither Ibrox nor Parkhead will appear in the game.

All brand new arenas are going to be in FIFA 23

Although FIFA 23 does not include any grounds from Scotland, it does include a significant number of new stadiums, including the following:

Boca Juniors' La Bombonera

PSV Eindhoven's Philips Stadion

Freiburg's Europa-Park Stadion

Osasuna's El Sadar

The Banc of California Stadium, Home of LA FC

Manchester City Academy Stadium is home to the women's team for Manchester City.

The English Premier League will once again be able to wear the full metal stadium jacket thanks to EA. The arenas of all twenty clubs playing in England's top division will be faithfully reproduced in the game, as has become standard practice in recent seasons. Similar to how they added Elland Road, home of Leeds United, to FIFA 22 for no additional charge, Electronic Arts will sometime after the game's release add Nottingham Forest's City Ground for no additional fee.

The overall quality of the stadium representation has been steadily rising over the past few years. In spite of the fact that the English Premier League is the only league in which each team's home stadium is provided with an official, in-game licensed copy, Spain and Germany each have over 20 stadiums. Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, the United States of America, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine are some of the other countries that have at least one FIFA 23 licensed stadium.

Competitions officially sanctioned by FIFA 23

For the last time, a FIFA game will feature licensed international and continental club competitions, giving us the opportunity to compete in all of them. The FIFA World Cup, both the men's and women's competitions, as well as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, and Super Cup, FIFA 23 coins reliable seller as well as the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and Recopa, are all included in FIFA 23 in all of their glory. Have fun before the EA Sports FIFA World Cup takes over the following year.

What features are absent from FIFA 23?


Both the Japanese J-League and the Mexican Liga BBVA MX have decided to permanently withdraw from the league roster. If we narrow our focus to just the men's competition, we find that Italy has two top-flight divisions for its second-tier competition. We understand why EA made this decision, despite the fact that some people may argue that it is not the best deal.

Teams While Juventus will be returning to Serie A, several other teams that are integral to the league will not.

Generic names, uniforms, and crests will be used to represent Roma, Napoli, and Atalanta in the upcoming season. The one bright spot is that all of their click here for more FIFA 23 coins will be real people. For better or for worse, there won't be a character named Tobby Abrashazam in the game.


The situation in Brazil has not evolved in any way over the past few years. At the club and international level, we will be forced to make due with go for more FIFA 23 coins of a more generic nature. This situation is exactly the opposite of what will happen to Roma, Napoli, and Atalanta. The names, uniforms, and crests of Brazilian clubs as well as the men's and women's national teams of Brazil will remain unchanged, but the rosters of best way to get coins in FIFA 23 will be standardized. It is possible that Mr. Abrashazam will appear in FIFA 23 after all.

Additional Content

You shouldn't expect to see Tobby Abrashazam or Tammy Abraham competing in any CONMEBOL events on the Nintendo Switch. Neither of those FIFA 23 coins price (visiting here) will be using that system. PC, PlayStation, and Xbox users are the only ones who can participate in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana tournaments, as well as all of the teams that are only available in these two categories. Since EA first introduced the South American continental competitions all the way back in FIFA 20, this has been the case consistently.

The situation with licenses for FIFA 23 is currently as described above. In general, not a terrible performance, especially when one considers the fact that FIFA won't even exist anymore by this time next year.

The release date for FIFA 23 is set for September 30th, 2022. You can pre-order it right now, and if you do so, you will receive some bonuses, including early access. If you are interested in learning more about the various editions of FIFA 23, including what they bring to the table and how much they cost, we have just so happened to put together the definitive guide to pre-ordering FIFA 23 for your convenience.


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